Lyndon Scaffolding

Lyndon Scaffolding

Lyndon Scaffolding is the largest independent scaffold contractor in the UK. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, the company designs scaffold for construction and engineering projects across the country.

Lyndon Scaffolding employs over 600 people and operates from its Head Office in Birmingham, as well as offices in London, Manchester, Barry, Sunderland, Sheffield and Broxburn. The company works with a range of blue chip companies across the country and have been involved with projects such as the Bullring and Grand Central.

Forward Thinking IT

Lyndon Scaffolding first engaged with ACUTEC when they became concerned with the old-fashioned solution that their previous IT Support Provider suggested in replacing their 10 year old infrastructure across their multiple sites. Lyndon Scaffolding’s Finance Director knew that a more progressive solution must be possible and sat down with Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC to find it.

After assessing the situation, ACUTEC recommended a centrally managed infrastructure, with all sites connecting in to the Head Office in Birmingham. ACUTEC then worked with Lyndon Scaffolding to create a roadmap for their technology for the future to create an IT strategy.

‘I liked the higher level of thinking and future focused approach that ACUTEC brought to Lyndon Scaffolding.’ –Finance Director, Lyndon Scaffolding

Trusted IT Support

After implementing Lyndon Scaffolding’s new IT environment, ACUTEC became the company’s IT Support Provider. ACUTEC worked to alleviate the reliance that the company’s end-users had on their Finance Director to fix their IT issues, becoming the trusted port of call for each of Lyndon Scaffolding’s sites across the country.

‘The good thing about the support now is that I don’t feel like I need to be involved in the whole company’s IT requirements. The other sites deal directly with ACUTEC now and my phone has stopped ringing.’

ACUTEC’s IT Support services offer Lyndon Scaffolding a 15 minute response time, guaranteed fix and 24/7 pro-active monitoring and rectification.

‘It doesn’t matter who I speak to at ACUTEC, I know they will get the job done.’

Office 365

ACUTEC has also worked with Lyndon Scaffolding to deploy Office 365 in the business. Office 365 is a Cloud based email and software subscription that brings mobility and collaboration to different tools and applications. The solution has made the company’s IT user-centric, making licensing and administration much easier to manage.

Effortless IT

Lyndon Scaffolding is now confident that it has a progressive IT Solution and technology plan for the future. The team at Lyndon Scaffolding know that when an issue arises they have a support service they can rely on.

‘I can’t really ask for more.’
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