Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland

Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland is the largest charity in the Age UK network, comprising of over 450 staff, 25 shops and a variety of sites and resource centres across the region. The charity provides services for the elderly with the ultimate vision of a world where everyone is able to love later life.

Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC commented: ‘It’s brilliant to think that the services we provide are able to aid teams at charities like Age UK to make a difference in the community.’

IT Support Worth Remembering

In the twenty years that IT and Purchasing Manager Graham Cross has worked at Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland, the organisation has doubled in size. The charity needs to know that if an IT issue arises they have confidence in the support in place to be able to get back to normal operations and continue with the work for their cause.

The relationship between ACUTEC and Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland began many years ago. After several years the charity was approached by a different provider with a new proposal and they decided to try a change. Unfortunately, the charity was subject to a bad experience and returned to ACUTEC as soon as they could. ‘Going back to ACUTEC was fantastic,’ Graham commented. ‘I would be reluctant to move away from ACUTEC again. What we have in place with them works and I know the people there are going to help us. I have complete faith in ACUTEC’s ability to support us.’

‘I know that with ACUTEC we are in safe hands. I know the engineers are good at what they do and I’m confident that issues will be resolved.’

A World Class Team

Graham and Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland are confident in the IT Support that they receive from ACUTEC due to its team and their expertise. The ACUTEC team are highly qualified engineers with many years of experience in all aspects of IT. Commenting on one engineer’s work with the charity, Graham said: ‘As soon as they are on the phone or on the scene I know I don’t have to worry. I have 100% faith in their ability.’

The IT Support services that the charity receives ensure that when they need help or advice all they need to do is pick up the phone and speak to an engineer straight away without encountering a triage system. ACUTEC do not triage on the principle that every business is different and an issue for one will have a different impact for another.

‘ACUTEC have been instrumental in helping us to establish a network and services for staff which is reliable and fits our purpose. Staff are able to do their work and the charity can run efficiently with minimal disruption.’

Confidence in ACUTEC

Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland know that their charity and the services it provides to their clients can operate with confidence that if something was to go wrong ACUTEC will always be there to deliver support.

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