Telephone Recording Policy


ACUTEC has a telephone system that is capable of recording conversations. Like many other organisations, this is a standard practice that allows the recording of telephone calls for quality monitoring, training, compliance and security purposes.

All calls made and received by ACUTEC will be recorded and will be retained for a period of 24 months after which they will be deleted unless retained for the purposes specified in this policy. Recordings will only be used for the purposes specified in this policy.

Purpose of this telephone recording policy

In order to maintain high standards we need to record all telephone calls made and received by ACUTEC and retain them for a limited period of time.

We shall ensure that the use of these recordings is fair and that we comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation. This includes:

Scope of policy

All calls made and received by ACUTEC will be recorded. Under normal circumstances a call will not be retrieved, monitored or retained for longer than 24 months unless:

Collecting information

Personal data collected in the course of recording activities will be processed fairly and lawfully in accordance with data protection law. It will be:

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