Birmingham-based Guhring is at the cutting-edge of manufacturing as it makes and supplies precision tools for a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical and general engineering sectors. The company employs more than 6,000 people worldwide, with 76 based in the UK at its location in Birmingham. The firm is expanding thanks to a growth in manufacturing and engineering and is planning to purpose-build a new UK headquarters in the region.

The Brief

There has not been a single brief for ACUTEC when it comes to the company’s work with Guhring. The firm was originally asked to upgrade and improve Guhring’s website connection by installing a leased line and, from there, the brief has expanded considerably. Yvonne Clune, Finance and IT Manager at Guhring, said: ‘It began with the web connection but, over time, we’ve got to know and to like the way ACUTEC work and have returned to them again and again to carry out upgrades.’

‘For me, personally, I was looking after all of the IT and the Finance and it was becoming simply too big a job for an individual in the office to do. The way technology and IT is moving, it was vitally important that we called upon the services of a professional company that could take the strain away and improve the way we worked as a business.’


ACUTEC began by installing a new server infrastructure and new PCs that helped to improve the efficiency of the business and streamlined its processes. Yvonne said: ‘I think everyone in the company has seen the difference it has made. Of course, when you first begin upgrading, the improvement is very noticeable but, over time, it’s a case of continuing to invest to make sure you are getting the most out of your system. Each upgrade doesn’t make the same marked difference as the first one, but the improvement is still noticeable and you know everything is running much more efficiently in the background.’

Since the physical upgrade, Guhring has also moved onto a Managed Service Contract, which means ACUTEC maintain every element of the IT system for the client. It means the team in the office can get on and do what they do best while ACUTEC ensure the system is running efficiently and effectively – including backing-up safely.

‘It makes perfect sense to have ACUTEC taking care of all our IT needs. All the upgrades that they have undertaken have been smooth and simple. There’s been barely any downtime in the office. As the company has grown, there was no way I could manage the whole IT system and it’s been great working with ACUTEC in this way.’


Business IT is about much more than hardware and software – it’s about making sure that both elements are working as effectively as they can in order to help the day-to-day running of the company. A Managed Service Contract from ACUTEC takes all of the hassle out of IT – its team of skilled IT experts are on hand to ensure that any organisation’s system is operating at its maximum, taking pressure off individuals within a business, particularly SMEs.

‘The team in the office can get on and do what they do best while ACUTEC ensure the system is running efficiently and effectively – including backing-up safely.’

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