Our Accreditations

As an IT service provider, we understand the importance of having the right credentials and certifications to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to excellence.

We are proud of our various accreditations that highlight our dedication to providing world class service and solutions to our clients. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who continuously strive to improve their skills and knowledge through training and certification programs.

We believe that these accreditations not only benefit us as a company but also give our clients confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional IT services.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations through a systematic approach to quality management.

We regularly monitor and measure our performance, and use customer feedback to continuously improve our processes and services. We also conduct regular internal audits to identify areas for improvement and ensure that our quality management system remains effective and efficient.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation provides our clients with confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality IT services that meet their needs and expectations. It is also a testament to our commitment to excellence, and helps us to continuously improve our services and stay competitive in the marketplace.

ISO 27001

We understand the importance of keeping our clients’ sensitive data and information secure. That’s why we have achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, a globally recognised standard for information security management systems.

Our ISO 27001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to implementing and maintaining a comprehensive set of controls and processes to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our clients’ data and information.

Our information security management system is designed to identify and manage risks to information security, including threats such as cyberattacks, unauthorised access, and data breaches.

Cyber Essentials Plus

At ACUTEC, we take cybersecurity very seriously and continuously invest in the latest technologies and practices to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to cybersecurity excellence and our clients’ security.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a rigorous certification that assesses our cybersecurity practices and controls against a set of industry-recognized standards. It involves an external assessment of our systems and processes, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, to ensure that we have effective controls in place to protect against common cyber threats.

Investors In People

We value our employees and invest in their development and well-being. We believe that by empowering our employees to achieve their full potential, we can deliver better outcomes for our clients and create a positive and fulfilling work environment for our team. Our Investors In People accreditation is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to our people and our clients.

G-Cloud 13

We are proud to be accredited for G-Cloud 13, the UK government’s framework for purchasing cloud-based IT services. Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions for the public sector.

Through G-Cloud 13, we can offer a wide range of cloud-based services. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of public sector organizations, providing them with the flexibility, scalability, and security they require to achieve their goals.

Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

As a proud member of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, we are able to network with our peers and multi-national organisations to forge reciprocal relationships and exchange knowledge and ideas for both growth and development.

We are also an active supporter of the exhibitions held by the Chamber and attend these to further discuss the merits and intricacies of IT, Cybersecurity and Technology to a wider audience and demographic.

Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands

As a trusted partner with  the Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands we support and help protect small business, SMEs and supply chain businesses and third sector organisations in the region against cyber crime.

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