DIGBITS is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of excavator buckets, attachments and spare parts. For over 10 years, DIGBITS have worked with ACUTEC to create an IT environment that lets the business get on and do what it does best without interruption.

Leaving Paper Behind

Software development is a key element to the partnership between ACUTEC and DIGBITS. In the past, DIGBITS used a paper-based system to process their orders. Customers would call referencing discussions from weeks before and there would be no record to draw information from. Conversations would be repeated, and information confused. Time was being wasted for both DIGBITS and their customers and efficiency was desperately needed for their sales process. Marcus Clay, Director at DIGBITS, commented: ‘It was chaos before the CRM.’

ACUTEC worked with DIGBITS to create a bespoke CRM solution, to put these issues behind them and improve the efficiency of their business.

“The performance of our previous systems wasn’t anything like the performance of the CRM system provided by ACUTEC.”

A Bespoke CRM Solution

With the CRM, the company can keep a complete record of customer relationships and are able to see the history of an order from the customer’s first contact through to quoting and then payment and shipping. The CRM has created a central place in DIGBITS for running the business, allowing for quote and order ratios to be established, stock and dispatches to be recorded and overall a knowledge base to be drawn on.

ACUTEC has developed an add-on for the CRM to DIGBITS’ e-commerce website. Whenever a customer places an order, it is automatically added to the CRM, significantly reducing administration time.

“We know we don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about our systems and can concentrate on doing what we do best – our business.”

DIGBITS will ask ACUTEC to make occasional tweaks and additions to the CRM. ACUTEC’s developers can then tweak the systems to perfectly suit DIGBITS’ requirements. They wouldn’t necessarily be able to do this with off-the-shelf software.

Hassle Free IT Support

As well as a bespoke CRM solution, DIGBITS also receive hardware and infrastructure support from ACUTEC. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some DIGBITS staff needed to work from home. The remote workers had successfully worked away from the office prior to the pandemic, and were able to easily make the switch. Marcus commented “We already had the systems in place that facilitated remote working, so we didn’t have to rush to get easy access to the systems.”

Whenever they have technical issues, DIGBITS know they can rely on IT support from ACUTEC. Having worked together for many years, ACUTEC has a very good understanding of the way DIGBITS work, and what they want to get from their systems.

“ACUTEC are a very easy team to work with. They have great knowledge of our site and our systems, and all their engineers know exactly how we want to work.”

With IT support and bespoke software from ACUTEC, DIGBITS know they don’t have to rely on multiple parties, should problems arise. All it takes is one phone call to ACUTEC to sort out all their technology needs.

“We have great service from every team we deal with – whether its their developers or the IT support helpdesk.”

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