Sometimes things just happen and your IT systems will go down. Cybercrime, fire, flood and theft are just some of the possible incidents that can cause your data to be at risk. Your data is vital to your business and without access it to it you could find yourself at a standstill.

ACUTEC are able to recover your data and systems through our Disaster Recovery solutions. While you may have backups in place for your individual machines, Disaster Recovery enables your whole infrastructure to be returned to you in minutes. You will no longer need to worry whether your critical documents being inaccessible will damage your business.

ACUTEC’s Cloud recommendation for Disaster Recovery is Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. Azure Site Recovery replicates your servers and virtual machines to the Cloud or to a secondary site. Azure Site Recovery is cost-effective by being scalable so that you only pay for what you need.

Our on-premise recommendation for Disaster Recovery is StorageCraft. StorageCraft uses a Network Attached Storage Device to recover your systems in the event of downtime to ensure that you’re back up and running as soon as possible to ensure there is no effect on your business.