For over twenty years, ACUTEC has provided IT services to a range of different clients across the Midlands and the UK as a whole. The services that we offer are always tailored to our clients and their business needs. We employ only the most highly trained experts to be able to offer you our range of services.

IT Support Services

IT Support is where it all started for us in 1995 and it is at the heart of all we do. Our IT Support Services offer a guaranteed fix and a 15 minute response time. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not offer a triage service, we understand that if you have a problem it is your priority that it is solved as quickly as possible. When you call ACUTEC you will be put through to one of our experts straight away. We also offer 24/7 IT Support just in case you need to be covered outside of office hours.

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Software Development Services

We understand that sometimes when you buy software it won’t do everything that you need or want it to do. The reason for this is that the software has not been designed for you, it’s been designed for a mass market that won’t necessarily understand your individual business needs. ACUTEC provide bespoke software development so that you can have the software that you have always wanted.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Sometimes things can just go wrong. Incidents like fire, flooding and theft can leave your systems vulnerable to loss of data and you will want to be back up and running as soon as possible to ensure it does not affect your business. With ACUTEC’s Disaster Recovery Services you will be confident that if something goes wrong it’s not the end of the world.

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Security Services

Cyber security is constantly making news headlines and it’s not just household names that are the targets. Every business has data that can make them vulnerable to cybercrime. ACUTEC’s Security Services provide you with the advice and precautions you need so that your business does not become the next news headline.

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Client Feedback

  • "Really prompt efficient service from Ty"

    23rd June 2017

  • "Great thanks"

    22nd June 2017

  • "Really good service :)"

    21st June 2017

  • "Prompt service as usual, thanks Craig"

    19th June 2017

  • "Thank you"

    16th June 2017

  • "Without a computer, Got priority attention today so many thanks as workload was rising"

    15th June 2017

  • "Thanks, Ty."

    15th June 2017

  • "resolved quickly"

    9th June 2017

  • "Thorough, proactive and friendly :-)"

    9th June 2017

  • "The response has been exceptional and very quick to resolve the issue. Thank you Craig - Laptop and desktop seem to be running much better now !"

    8th June 2017

  • "Thorough, proactive and friendly :-)"

    1st June 2017

  • "Problem Sorted : )"

    1st June 2017

  • "Prompt service; what more can you ask for! Thank you :)"

    1st June 2017

  • "Good fix and helpful"

    31st May 2017

  • "Dean took over my computer and solved my issue very professionally"

    26th May 2017

  • "Efficient service from Craig once again. Much appreciated."

    24th May 2017

  • "Both Kev and Ty,

    who worked on our desktops at different times, were absolutely brilliant.

    As always, top notch service from your support team and we couldn't be more grateful."

    23rd May 2017

  • "Thanks for helping out"

    23rd May 2017

  • "It works..!!"

    23rd May 2017

  • "1st class service by Craig."

    22nd May 2017

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