Additives UK

Additives UK

Additives UK is a division of global brand ITW, manufacturers of specialised industrial equipment, consumables and business services. Coventry based Additives UK supplies treatments for contamination removal and offers customer loyalty and industry standard programmes for the automotive aftermarket.The company is always busy dealing with customers and thousands of transactions a month. Additives UK has been a highly valued client of ACUTEC’s for over 20 years receiving IT Support to enable them to do what they do best without interruption.

An IT Service Without Limits

The partnership between Additives UK and ACUTEC began in 1994, when the company realised it needed support for its technology to ensure that they had the experts they needed on hand to provide assistance and advice.

ACUTEC worked with Additives UK to create a clear structure for their IT where it is transparent what solutions have been deployed and what can be built upon in future strategies. The company receives Managed Support where ACUTEC act in the same way that an internal IT team would by always being on hand, delivering administration and dealing with everything to do with IT. ACUTEC even deal with other partners such as Broadband and telecoms to ensure that the Additives UK team never have to worry about their IT.

‘The IT is looked after for us, if we have any issues then we get an email telling us before we even notice. It’s a completely pro-active service and that’s what I need.’ – Jagir Bains, Financial Controller

Jagir Bains, Financial Controller at Additives UK enjoys the relationship with ACUTEC as he knows that he can trust his IT Support company with the operation of the business. ‘I speak to an engineer straight away, I have a great relationship with the ACUTEC team,’ Jagir commented. ‘The manager of the technical team is always on the button and I feel like whatever I say he takes it to the next level when making sure that it’s dealt with.’

‘I like the process where everything is logged straight away and in the system. I know that nothing is going to be forgotten. I know if I need something doing straight away it will be done.’

Embracing the Cloud

With the help of ACUTEC, Additives UK has began a journey of migrating their IT to the Cloud, beginning with Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s Cloud solution that enables emails and documents to be accessible from anywhere and any device.

One of the main features of Office 365 that the company are using is OneDrive for Business to ensure that their files are available via the Cloud and accessible across multiple devices. OneDrive allows your documents to be accessible across multiple devices, from a PC to tablet to a phone, enabling a full mobile Office experience. Additives UK has deployed this option across the business as a safer alternative to the team saving their documents locally to their devices or personal hard drives.

Confidence in ACUTEC

Jagir expressed his complete trust in the relationship he has with ACUTEC. Managed Services and Office 365 enable Additives UK to be able to operate without disruption and achieve more every day.

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