About us
Say hello to ACUTEC! Read about our mission, values and services.

About ACUTEC – Our Story

Our story started back in 1995, the year that JavaScript was developed and Microsoft decided the Internet was going to be a big deal. Our Managing Director, Chris Roche, was working as an IT Manager and fed up of receiving low-quality service from outsourced IT companies. He knew he could do it better.

Over twenty years later, Chris and the rest of the ACUTEC team are constantly striving towards the company mission statement built around our values of world class service and clients being able to achieve more thanks to technology. Read on to learn more about ACUTEC.

"Delivering world class service, enabling you to achieve more every day."
ACUTEC Mission Statement
Our Values

At ACUTEC we believe the recipe to providing the best IT support and services for our clients comes from our values. They are built around what we are trying to achieve, our people and our clients.

World Class Service

We want you to feel like you are in safe hands. We use the best technologies and our staff are always being invested in to ensure they are the cutting edge of the industry. We fix things before you know they have happened.

Love What You Do

Our team is obsessed with technology. We all love what we do, whether we are on the helpdesk, coding applications or growing the business in sales or marketing. We love technology and how it helps our clients.

Clients Achieving More

We believe that when technology is used to its full potential you can achieve more. Whether that’s deploying a solution to help achieve an objective or an end-user getting more out of their working day. Technology makes us smarter.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Even when the going gets tough, a positive attitude to the task at hand can make a world of difference. At ACUTEC we approach everything with an open mind and optimistic outlook.

Your Voice, Your Company

We believe that if you’re part of the ACUTEC team then you should be able to voice your opinions and ideas. We welcome suggestions from our staff and have an open-door policy. We value everyone’s input.

Deliver on What You Say

We believe if you commit to a promise then you should aim to deliver it to the best of your ability. Our team is dedicated to helping each other and our clients to achieve more.


Our Services

Our services cover a range of many different aspects, from installing networks to coding applications to hosting websites. Our engineers have a lot of talent. We like to focus on our 4 core services, if what you’re looking for doesn’t quite fit just ask.


IT Support

We take the time to understand your business operations and objectives to provide you with an IT Support service that you value. We only employ the best talent and technologies to be able to do this. We offer a 15-minute response time and guaranteed fix, as well as 24/7 pro-active monitoring and rectification with the aim of fixing the problem before you even notice it. We want you to be able to get on and do what you do best without interruption.


Cloud Services

We are a Cloud first organisation. We specialise in developing and deploying projects and solutions built around the Microsoft Azure platform to help you solve your problems and achieve more every day. We’ll architect a Cloud solution that’s right for you.


Software Development

We’re unique in having our own team of specialist coders on board. We help businesses integrate disparate systems, develop bespoke applications and bring ideas to life. Fluent in multiple programming languages, we build systems that are tailored to your specific needs.



Security is part of our services and solutions by design, it’s never an afterthought. We understand the risks that a cyber-attack can pose to your data, finances and reputation. We work with you to develop the most appropriate and effective security for your IT.

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