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Impression Technologies has developed aluminium hot forming technology (HFQ) for the automotive industry with clients for its HFQ parts including Aston Martin. Coventry-based Impression Technologies is a leader in lightweighting solutions for the automotive, aerospace and consumer product sectors and has licensed its technology in Europe, China and US.

For over 5 years, Impression Technologies has been a client of ACUTEC for day-to-day IT support and larger scale technology projects.

Reliable IT Systems

As a tech company, Impression Technologies needs to make sure they have the right IT architecture and systems in place. The nature of their work is very data intensive, so their IT systems have to be up to the challenge. Impression Technologies rely on recommendations from ACUTEC, so that everything is running smoothly for their 50 end users. Bruce Girvan, Director IP and Licensing, commented: “we ask for and work with IT recommendations from ACUTEC”.

Security is high on the agenda for Impression Technologies. With staff and contractors working around the world, it is vital that their sensitive data and information is secure at all times. ACUTEC recommended Microsoft Intune – allowing end users to access company data and applications from almost any device while keeping that data safe at the same time.

Remote Working Solutions

Impression Technologies has embraced the Cloud, using Cloud services in tandem with their on-premises servers. To keep on top of their internal communication, Impression Technologies were early adopters of Microsoft Teams, working with ACUTEC to make the collaborative nature of Teams work for them and external meetings.

“By implementing Microsoft Teams, ACUTEC allowed us to be ahead of the game when the pandemic hit”.

As businesses across the world scrambled to get staff working from home, the IT infrastructure Impression Technologies had in place meant they had minimal disruption to getting their jobs done. Bruce commented: “we had an absolutely seamless transition to working from home”.

Impression Technologies has a very mobile workforce. Whether working in the UK or globally, secure access to systems in their Coventry head office is essential. And if problems with their IT arise, they know the engineers at ACUTEC are always on hand to help.

Backup and Microsoft Azure

Before engaging with ACUTEC, Impression Technologies’ only form of back up was the storage capability that came with Microsoft’s Office 365. Concerned that one day they may experience losing data and potentially months of work, the company knew that they needed to adopt best practice and decided to opt for 2 layers of backup. ACUTEC suggested a hybrid Cloud solution, with files being backed up first to a Windows server and then to its recommended Cloud solution: Microsoft Azure.

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform that enables IT infrastructure to be made available in the Cloud. By backing up to Azure, Impression Technologies are now able to retrieve files in a matter of clicks rather than hours.

“We lean on ACUTEC to deliver the IT service we need to operate effectively”.

Confidence in ACUTEC

IT is a critical aspect of Impression Technologies’ day-to-day operations. With constant changes to the technology landscape, rises in cyberthreats and more, businesses like Impression Technologies need their systems running with minimal downtime. Issues with IT happen every day – big and small. On talking to ACUTEC’s engineers Bruce stated “When I speak to an engineer I feel as though they know me and the problems I’m having. I know my issue isn’t going to get lost in their system.”

Impression Technologies knows that projects with ACUTEC will be delivered to their exact specifications. “With any service, you get what you pay for. All IT projects will have minor hiccups, but ACUTEC will always be there to resolve them”.

“I sleep easier knowing ACUTEC looks after our systems. If something goes wrong, I know it is going to be resolved”.

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