Heart of England Mencap

Heart of England Mencap

Heart of England Mencap is a charity covering the whole of Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The charity provides services to adults with learning disabilities, with the aim of helping them to achieve independence. They provide carers to over 250 day centres, care homes and individuals living on their own. The organisation provide a range of different services from supported living to leisure and learning opportunities.

Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC said: ‘It’s great to know that through technology we can help organisations like Heart of Mencap make a difference in the community.’

Coping with Growth

The organisation had grown to over 200 members of staff. Simon Blinkhorne, the IT Manager, had dedicated himself during that growth to install security measures, data protection and end user education. At the same time, he was juggling the management of the rostering system for the carers ensuring that they were in the right place at the right time to provide their essential care to their clients. During this period the 20 PCs and laptops of the organisation tripled in number and their Small Business Server could no longer cope with the increase in activity that it was now experiencing.

Heart of England Mencap engaged with ACUTEC to help overcome their worries. ACUTEC replaced the Small Business Server with Server 2012, as well as installing SQL Server 2014 for the backend of the rostering system. After working with ACUTEC, Heart of England Mencap is now confident in its IT infrastructure, stating that: the Support Team from ACUTEC are always on tap.’ The server now has the capacity to handle its growth and development as it continues to endeavor to improve people’s quality of life. Through the upgrade of the SQL Server, the organisation is also now able to access highly detailed reports that provide a range of data such as sickness, care hours, annual leave and training, as well as organisational growth.

Transforming via the Cloud

‘We love Office 365; we keep finding new features. We know we have barely touched the sides and there’s plenty more it can do.’ – Simon Blinkhorne, IT Manager

During this project, ACUTEC also helped Heart of England Mencap to embrace the Cloud through Office 365. Office 365 is ACUTEC’s Cloud solution that enables the user to have access to all of their Office Suite from anywhere and everywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. It is ACUTEC’s recommended business solution for a productive and cost effective office environment that is not limited to the office. Heart of England Mencap are now able to always be up to date and access their documents and email from anywhere and everywhere.

‘I was given total confidence that ACUTEC’s engineer knew exactly what he was doing and that everything would be absolutely fine – and it was.’

Confidence in ACUTEC

Simon felt that he was in safe hands with ACUTEC’s engineer, stating: ‘Nothing fazed him, he had an answer to all of my questions.’ Through working with ACUTEC, Heart of England Mencap are able to work and care for its clients effectively without being limited by technology.

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