Blossomfield Complete Dental Care

Blossomfield Complete Dental Care

Blossomfield Complete Dental Care is a well-established dental practice based in Solihull. It was established in 1986 moving to its present location in 2007. Blossomfield offers a range of treatments and also gives patients the opportunity to take up Denplan, a preventative and restorative treatment programme. The practice has a commitment to high professional standards and quality service and now boasts a patient register of around 6,000.

The Brief

Over the years, IT involvement in the running of the practice has increased dramatically. Patient records were stored manually but they needed to become more efficient. Administrative tasks, the booking of appointments and dealing with patient information and communication are now carried out using the IT Network that was installed by ACUTEC rather than manually. The whole IT system is business critical for the practice, it’s vital that the system remains ‘up-and-running’ to help maintain the practice’s commitment to its patients. With 6,000 patient records stored on the IT system, security and back-ups are of prime importance.


ACUTEC began working with Blossomfield in 2011. Just as dental patients want peace of mind when it comes to their oral hygiene, as a business, they wanted to be safe in the knowledge that its IT systems are secure and free from downtime to be able to provide the best possible service and confidentiality. The practice is now on a Managed Service Contract with ACUTEC which means it has peace of mind over its systems because of the proactive approach that ACUTEC take. ACUTEC respond immediately should issues arise as the team are constantly monitoring the server to look out for any potential viruses, faults or updates.

Sara Skalka, Practice Manager at Blossomfield Complete Dental Care, said: ‘Our IT system is critical to our day-to-day business and also the safety and security of more than 6,000 patient records. Just as a patient has to trust their dentist, we need to have total faith in our IT provider because any issues can have serious implications. We do have a back-up plan should anything happen, but we don’t want to have to call that into action because it would adversely affect the efficiency of the business.’

‘We have opted for the Managed Services contract with ACUTEC. Rather like a dental check-up, they are monitoring the system constantly to check for potential issues and also carrying out any updates that can make it run more smoothly. On top of that, we know they are also available 24 hours a day should anything happen that requires critical attention – we know how important that is being in the line of work we are in! All in all, it just helps to give total peace of mind. We have a practice to run and having ACUTEC there means we don’t have to worry about IT, we can get on and do what we do best which is look after our patients.’

As well as its Managed Service, ACUTEC also hosts the Blossomfield Complete Dental Care website Sara added: ‘The website has to reflect the professional and quality service that our patients receive. We have invested heavily in the practice to give it that look and feel and the website had to do the same because, for most people, it is their first interaction with us. We have also included options such as ‘ask the dentist’ which shows we offer that little bit extra in terms of patient service and experience.’


A Managed Service contract with ACUTEC has allowed Blossomfield to concentrate on the running of the practice, rather than having to worry about IT issues. The system is vital to the day-to-day running of the practice but by utilising the services of ACUTEC, the IT works for them rather than the other way round. It proves that finding the right IT partner needn’t be like pulling teeth!

‘We don’t have to worry about IT, we can get on and do what we do best which is look after our patients…’
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