ACUTEC Attendance
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ACUTEC Attendance

Get a complete view of your workforce and take time management to the next level with biometric time attendance software.

A seamless time attendance system

Managing your employees’ schedules can take up a lot of your own time. This leads to poor rota management and unreliable attendance records. In an emergency, you need to know that all your staff are clocked in and accounted for. Acutec Attendance streamlines time management and offers an easy, secure way to monitor and report on employee activity.


Why ACUTEC Attendance

ACUTEC Attendance is a biometric time attendance system, designed to give HR departments peace of mind. 

Know exactly which members of staff are in the building at all times and keep track of all holiday, overtime and sick leave. Through fingerprint and facial recognition, you can ensure an accurate overview of attendance no matter the time of day.

Better health and safety

Get a complete overview of everyone in the building on-demand.

Buddy clocking prevention

Prevent buddy clocking with individual biometric recognition.

Effortless reporting

Eliminate tedious spreadsheet-filling and update data in real-time.


Monitor absenteeism

Use the Bradford Factor to track costs and patterns in employee time-off.

Healthier work/life balance

Track user activity and monitor when employees work overtime.

Optimal hygiene

Hands-free tracking for those in the food manufacturing industry.

A complete view everyday

ACUTEC Attendance is built to suit your schedule. Get instant reports on your full-time, part-time and seasonal workers in one place. Easily incorporate shifts, weekend work and overtime to meet the demands of your business.

Management dashboard

Manage rotas from one centralised dashboard. The cloud-based time attendance system allows you to take a roll call at any time and enables staff to book their own time off.


Secure data storage

Configure secure and comprehensive reports for managers and ensure your staff’s safety.


Cap excess hours

Ensure employees don’t overwork by setting limits on the number of workable hours. You can also link ACUTEC Attendance to your payroll to automatically compensate overtime.

About us

ACUTEC has provided expert IT solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes across the UK for over two decades. We’re dedicated to providing suitable, secure and reliable technology solutions to meet your business needs and challenges. Our bespoke software is designed with your expertise and transformation goals in mind. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our highly qualified experts can deliver exactly what you need.