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Enterprise Mobility and Security

Have you opened an email on your phone today? A document on your laptop? An app on your tablet? We are now accessing our business data everyday through a multitude of different devices as our lives are becoming more mobile. The problem with this is that without the right tools, businesses can’t control their data when it is no longer on their devices and premises. The tool that can solve this problem is Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), a range of products that allows for all devices to be secure without compromising their productivity. ACUTEC tailors EMS for the needs of your business no matter its size.  You don’t need to be the size of an enterprise to be enterprising.

Both personal and work devices are now being used in the workplace and because of this it is becoming more difficult to control data and applications. For example, if an employee has had their work email on their personal phone and then leaves the company your data is still there for them to access. Even if their account has been deactivated, anything that was downloaded previously, including emails, will be available to them.

What is Enterprise Mobility and Security?

With Enterprise Mobility and Security, businesses are now able to manage the data that is accessible across all devices, even if they are personal. With application and device management tools businesses are now able to control corporate apps and data without worrying about infringing their employee’s personal privacy or devices. You can even add multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies to ensure that your data is as secure as you need it to be.

Tired of having to log in to multiple accounts throughout your working day?  Enterprise Mobility + Security provides single sign-on for all of your applications.  You sign in once and will not need to again for the rest of the day, providing a seamless working environment as you switch between your devices.

Everyone’s accidentally sent an email to the wrong person, but what if that email had data that was for the receiver’s eyes only? Enterprise Mobility + Security has the facility to allow for encryption of any important files and data to ensure that only certain people have access.  The solution also has the ability to provide alerts on any suspicious activity occurring on devices to safeguard your data.

What can EMS do?

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