IT Support

ACUTEC has been providing exceptional Managed Services and IT Support for over twenty years. We do this by making sure we understand the needs of your business so that the very best recommendations are offered to you. We build your IT around your business rather than the other way around.

Our IT Support provides detailed system reports and pro-active monitoring to make sure that your IT is the last thing you have to worry about. Our helpdesk in Birmingham is available from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

We also offer 24/7 IT Support that is flexible and tailored to be exactly what your business needs. Sometimes issues can occur on your system when it is out of hours. With our 24/7 IT Support we ensure that no performance change in your IT infrastructure goes unnoticed. Our IT Support Services are designed to be a reassuring presence within your business.

We provide a 15-minute response and a guaranteed fix to our clients. Our pro-active monitoring service alerts us if something goes wrong, allowing for your critical IT to be in safe hands and problems dealt with before they impact your business.

When you make a support call to ACUTEC you do not experience a triage system where your problem is assessed and dealt with based upon how urgent it is. We know that your IT will always be the most urgent to you and therefore when you call us you speak to one of our highly qualified experts straight away who will be able to deal with your problem and enable you to carry on doing what you do best.

We are your trusted IT experts

Cloud Services

Discover the solutions that will bring you greater productivity and efficiency to transform your business. Reach for the Cloud with the IT experts.

Software Development

We write software specifically to your requirements to give you the experience you have always wanted. Get the software that will fix your problems and not someone else’s with the IT experts.

Support Services

We’ll take care of your systems so that you can stay focussed on your business. Discover IT Support with a 15 minute response time, guaranteed fix and outstanding service from the IT experts.

Stay Secure

Don’t let yourself become the next news headline. Every business is vulnerable to cybercrime. Protect your data, finances and reputation with the IT experts.

Client Feedback

  • "Dean took over my computer and solved my issue very professionally"

    26th May 2017

  • "Efficient service from Craig once again. Much appreciated."

    24th May 2017

  • "Both Kev and Ty,

    who worked on our desktops at different times, were absolutely brilliant.

    As always, top notch service from your support team and we couldn't be more grateful."

    23rd May 2017

  • "Thanks for helping out"

    23rd May 2017

  • "It works..!!"

    23rd May 2017

  • "1st class service by Craig."

    22nd May 2017

  • "Without Craig sorting out my problem I would have been unable to do my work today. Thank you!"

    22nd May 2017

  • "Ty logged in and sorted my email in seconds. Thank you!!"

    18th May 2017

  • "Kev was fast and efficient and explained everything about the new updates. He was able to get the barrier software up and running very quickly."

    18th May 2017

  • "Wonderful, thank you!"

    17th May 2017

  • "That's great thank you."

    15th May 2017

  • "Thank you."

    11th May 2017

  • "Dean was very helpful and quickly resolved my issue. Thanks very much guys!"

    11th May 2017

  • "Ty is always extremely helpful; if I have any issues and I the service request/issue has been assigned to Ty to resolve I am always confident that I will receive effective and efficient customer service. Thanks Ty."

    9th May 2017

  • "Amazing Service..!"

    5th May 2017

  • "Just brilliant."

    5th May 2017

  • "Craig has been incredibly helpful and efficient, I'm really grateful for all his help."

    28th April 2017

  • "Thank you."

    27th April 2017

  • "A quick response which sorted our issues in minutes :)"

    25th April 2017

  • "Ty did exactly what was asked of him in very quick time. Thanks again."

    25th April 2017

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