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In a constantly changing world that is more advanced than ever, businesses must use information technology to drive efficiency and productivity and to stay competitive. 

New standards and regulations for data and cybersecurity make the challenge to be compliant greater.  Compliance should not be seen as a checkbox exercise to meet a standard; it is a formal way to protect a business from cyber attack.  Compliance means meeting some regulation or requirement of a law, agency or authority. 

Compliance will mean different things to different organisations, it can depend on sector or how business operations are conducted.  For some, compliance may mean meeting the needs of a cyber insurance policy while for others Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance will be necessary. 

There are certain types of data that should be afforded greater protection on any systems where the data is stored and also the manner in which that data is used or processed should be controlled.  This could be types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such Date of Birth or address, financial information such as credit card numbers or sensitive business information such as intellectual property or accounts.

Let’s be honest. No organisation is perfectly safe from cyber attack.  Maintaining compliance with a cybersecurity standard should be a part of any business’s cyber security plan, to make it more difficult for attackers to execute damaging cyber attacks. 

There are voluntary standards that an organisation can subscribe to such as Cyber Essentials, the government backed scheme that sets out a basic level of cyber security and is a fantastic starting point to assess systems and identify where measures should be taken, compliance strengthens the organisations security posture. 

Organisations that undertake cybersecurity compliance measures will benefit for many reasons, they are protecting their reputation, maintaining client trust, confidence and loyalty and have greater ability to identify or prepare for data breaches or security incidents. 

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