What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud computing platform that has a range of different services that will transform your business’ use of technology. It has a massive range of possibilities to help build and manage a variety of different applications. Microsoft Azure supports a range of different operating systems, programming languages, tools, databases and devices.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service allows you to provision and manage your infrastructure over the Internet through Cloud computing. Infrastructure as a Service enables you to avoid the expense and investment of buying and managing physical servers. To keep it simple, you’re renting your hardware from Microsoft and accessing it through the Internet, without the expense of hardware, power and cooling. What’s great about Microsoft Azure is that you only ever pay for what you need, each resource that you use is a separate part of your infrastructure so you only pay for them when you need them.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service is the next level in moving your IT to the Cloud through Microsoft Azure. You no longer have to buy the operating system license or SQL anymore. It can be rented from Microsoft through the Cloud. Like Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service includes hardware like servers, storage and networking but it also includes the likes of middleware, development tools, business intelligence services and database management systems.

Software as a Service

The next level of Microsoft Azure is Software as a Service. The likelihood is you’re already using it through services like Gmail, iCloud or Office 365. Software as a Service is simply a software solution purchased on a pay as you go basis. You rent the use of the application and connect to it through the Internet.

Reach for the Clouds

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