Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery
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Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery

Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery Services

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that integrates security and privacy for your data, it includes an ever expanding collection of integrated services. ACUTEC specialise in all things Azure and are market leaders in Azure Backup and Site Recovery, there are only another 100 Microsoft partners worldwide that provide Microsoft Azure.

Azure Backup Services

Are you fed up of worrying about backups and taking tapes offsite? Azure Backup is a brilliant Cloud based alternative to tape, USB Hard Drives and Network Attached Storage Devices.  Azure Backup can protect your critical applications including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Windows Servers, Windows Clients and Azure IaaS VMs, as well as your files and folders. Azure Backup provides significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and 99 years of retention which is essential when exponential amounts of data now need to be stored. Our Azure Backup services are scalable, offering a pay as you go service where you only pay for what you need.

Azure Site Recovery Services

Recovering individual servers or your entire site to an offsite location seamlessly can be difficult to achieve and cost prohibitive. Azure Site Recovery is Microsoft and ACUTEC’s disaster recovery, ideal for those needing to relocate offices quickly. The Site Recovery service contributes to a robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that protects your on-premise physical servers and virtual machines by orchestrating and automating replication and failover to Azure, or to a secondary on-premise site.

If you need to regularly test your disaster recovery plan or in the event of an actual disaster striking your business, Azure Site Recovery allows you to recover virtual machines, physical servers or your datacentre to the Azure Datacentre or your own Disaster Recovery site. There is finally a cost effective enterprise level solution allowing you to recover to the cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Backup

ACUTEC take the time to understand your business continuity needs providing a personal and bespoke service using technology developed by Microsoft, the world’s leading cloud services company.  Microsoft Azure Backup and Recovery is a critical IT service from ACUTEC and one of many products and services in IT support and development.

With Azure Backup, you only need to pay for what you’re using. Say goodbye to restrictive pricing models, and enjoy greater flexibility that you can increase or decrease, as your business needs. 

ACUTEC is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and a Silver Partner for Cloud Platform, in addition to other Microsoft Gold and Silver accreditations. Read Microsoft’s case study of ACUTEC’s work with Backup and Site Recovery here.

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