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Microsoft Teams has been around for a few years now, but the recent rise in remote working and working from home has seen its popularity increase significantly. Some people see it as a chat app, others see it as a modern version of Skype for Business. The reality is that Teams is so much more. Microsoft Teams is an extremely powerful application that enhances teamwork through enriched collaboration and communication. 

Unlike other Microsoft 365 applications that have a legacy to preserve and millions of users to consider, Microsoft Teams has been built from scratch with the modern workplace in mind. This also means that Microsoft Teams introduces a new work behaviour, revolutionising the way we communicate and collaborate.

In this section, discover our Microsoft Teams quick start guide. This has all the information you need if you’ve never used Teams before, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Discover how to create your own Microsoft team and add custom channels, as well as best practice for sending posts and messages to your colleagues.

Learn the basics of Teams
Master teams and channels
Send 1:1 and team messages

One of the best features of Teams is how it helps with collaboration. File sharing couldn’t be easier in Teams – see how you can easily share files from your OneDrive or SharePoint. Teams calling and chatting is perhaps the best known feature in Teams, as well as meeting functionality. But did you know that you can host live events in Teams? These are perfect for hosting your own webinars, with presenters and producers in separate locations. 

Work on and share files
Call & chat colleagues
Have meetings over Teams
Broadcast live events

You can personalise Teams, so you don’t just have the generic out-the-box version of Teams that everyone has. Add your most used apps, including a huge library of bots to make your life easier. Team managers can manage schedules, so everyone knows where they need to be. The activity feed lets you keep up with all your notifications, so you won’t miss a thing. And why not take Teams with you, and download it to your mobile device?

Add your favourite apps
Manage shifts and schedules
Keep up with your notifications
We’re ready when you are…