Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions of Remote Working

Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions of Remote Working In recent times, the popularity of remote work has been on the rise, offering employees increased flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, telecommuting contributes to cost savings for employers by reducing office-related expenses. Many also point out the advantages in productivity attributed to the reduced distractions in a remote work […]

How to Setup Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the backbone of many businesses. It’s their video conferencing tool. Instant messaging tool. Platform for co-working and collaborating on important documents.

How to Make Teams Meetings More Engaging

Microsoft has been tweaking Teams over the last few months, and we think they’ve greatly improved it. From custom backgrounds to easy file sharing, there’s so much more you can do with Teams now, compared to a year ago and compared to other communication apps. With the improvements made to Teams, here are 5 ways […]

How New Updates to Microsoft Teams Can Help Hybrid Work

With businesses across the world embracing hybrid working, and staff combining remote working with visits to the office, there has never been such a reliance on technology. Hybrid working comes with challenges that were never faced when staff worked in offices every day. It is vital that businesses have the right technology in place, to […]

Fixing Common Problems in Microsoft Teams

As we’ve all adjusted to a new way of working over the last few months, many of us are using applications we hadn’t used before. For some, they’ve had to adapt how they use certain apps. At ACUTEC, we used Microsoft Teams prior to the pandemic, but it was generally only used for internal communication, […]

How to Run a Live Event in Teams

But if you’re a producer or presenter, there are a few things you need to be aware of prior to your event starting, to make sure everything runs smoothly, and your audience has a great experience!

How to Set Up a Live Event in Teams

As a result of working from home, the number of business events people attend has declined significantly. They’ve been replaced by virtual events, often in the form of webinars.

What is Microsoft Teams?

As we’re working from home at the moment, there’s never been such demand for video calling. And with so many different video calling apps available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. But unlike other video conferencing apps, Microsoft Teams offers so much more. In fact, the video calling functionality is only scratching […]

Make the Most of Meetings in Microsoft Teams

We don’t all love meetings, but we do accept that they’re a normal—and necessary—part of the working day. Microsoft Teams has a great range of features that you can use to enhance your meetings, and make sure they’re productive, even when your team is tuning in from different locations. We’ve put together this list of […]

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