Working from Home with the Cloud

The Cloud has broken down barriers when it comes to accessing what we need during our working day. Being able to work from home is becoming a benefit for many employees as they juggle lengthy commutes and children as well as the constant disruptions they may get when in the office. Being able to shut yourself away at home for the day and get stuff done is one of the major reasons why people are choosing to work from home. In this blog we discuss the ways in which the Cloud can make working from home easier.

Document Access

If you have a laptop it’s easy to access all your files from wherever you are. If you have a desktop PC in the office, it’s much more difficult. With Cloud services like Office 365 and OneDrive you can access your files from wherever you are, even if it’s a personal device. You just log in to the Office 365 portal and your files are waiting for you, you can even take advantage of the browser versions of the Office applications if you’re in a rush and don’t want to install them.


Office 365 comes with the familiar tools that we all know and love: WordExcelPowerPoint etc. If you didn’t know Office 365 also comes with many tools that are built for collaboration, communication and productivity. Just because you’re not in the office does not mean that the collaboration you have with your team must be restricted. Teams provides video, audio and instant messaging facilities so that you can still have meetings even if you are working from home. Tools like Teams and Yammer also enable you to be social and collaborative with your colleagues.

Getting stuff done

The ability to work from anywhere enables you to work in the environment that best suits your productivity. If you find yourself constantly distracted by colleagues and you’re not getting the time to yourself to do your own work the Cloud enables you to remove yourself from that situation. You can say you’re going to go and work from home this afternoon because you want to get something done because it’s easy.

Sometimes distance can be good for teams as well. How many meetings have you been in and spent half an hour completely off topic? Not being in the same room and using tools like Skype for Business enables the ability to stick to topic and not get distracted.

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