5 Things You Haven’t Noticed About Microsoft Word

You probably think you know everything there is to know about Microsoft Word. We all use it every day to produce our documents, but just because we use it all the time doesn’t mean we understand everything that it can do. Here’s 5 things we think that you may not have noticed about Microsoft Word.


If you’re inserting screenshots into Word and you don’t know about this then the likelihood is you’re taking each screenshot one at a time and pasting it in. With Word’s screenshot feature you can see all of your screenshots from your session and choose them as you go. You can also use the screen clipping feature and select part of the screen for your shot.


If you’re producing a lengthy document for your business then there may be occasions where you would like to be able to jump to specific sections without having to scroll all the way through. Bookmarks enable you to do this by allowing you to insert hyperlinks to specific areas of content.


This is a really useful feature if you’ve been working on separate documents and want to bring them all together. You can just click on ‘Object’ and insert the content of another document. You can also insert different kinds of file formats, such as Excel spreadsheets if you wanted to provide examples within your Word documents.

Track Changes

If you’re sharing documents and co-editing then this is a great tool to be able to see what has been changed and by who. Through this it’s easier to find out why something was changed. It also allows for comments to be left so explanations can be given.

Format Painter

Sometimes it can be really annoying to get all of the formatting within a document to be consistent. With Word’s Format Painter you are able to select a piece of content within a document that has the formatting that you want and then apply it to another piece of content within the document. This is great for saving time and making your documents look professional.

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