What You Need to Know About Social Engineering and Phishing

Phishing is one of the biggest cyber security threats your business faces. Malicious emails are sent from seemingly credible sources to steal sensitive information. This is normally in the form of login details or sensitive information, but can be used to deliver malware. Sophisticated social engineering is used to make the recipient think the email … Read more

Phishing Trends in 2019

phishing trends

Phishing scams have been around for as long as the internet, and have been considered a serious threat for close to two decades. However, the techniques that scammers use are constantly changing. It’s important, both on the individual and the company level, to stay up-to-date with new phishing scams and techniques that cybercriminals use to … Read more

The latest phishing email to avoid

phishing email to avoid

There are many different forms of cyber security threats that you need to avoid, such as ransomware, key logging and phishing. Phishing is where you receive an email from what appears to be a trusted source such as your bank or Amazon asking you for personal information or money. For example, you may get an email off PayPal … Read more

IT Expert Warns Phishing is Becoming More Sophisticated

The Managing Director of a Midlands based IT services company has made the statement that phishing is becoming more sophisticated and has warned that businesses need to start being more vigilant. Phishing is a form of cyber security attack where an individual receives an email from what they believe is a trusted source. The email can be dangerous in several … Read more

Would you get caught out by a phishing email?

phishing email

Phishing is where you receive an email from what appears to be a trusted source asking you for sensitive information, to open an attachment or click on a link. In reality these emails are not from the believed source and are dangerous. They will use your data against you or infect your computer with malware. … Read more

5 Tips to Spot a Phishing Email

phishing email

Phishing is one of the biggest issues for cyber security at the moment. Phishing is essentially where you receive emails from someone pretending to be someone else. For example, they could masquerade as your bank or PayPal asking you for personal information. You could also receive a spear phishing email which is more targeted. In this instance, you might … Read more

Secure Your Remote Workforce

Keep your remote enterprise operations secure Guide to Securing your Remote Workforce Download your free guide! Shore up your defences now. Read the new e-book Into the era of secure remote work  for the latest ideas from ACUTEC and Microsoft on how to stay ahead of swiftly changing threats in the shifting remote work landscape. … Read more

5 Reasons You Need Microsoft 365 Backups

microsoft 365 backup

5 Reasons You Need Microsoft 365 Backups So, you’ve moved to the Cloud. Working remotely has never been easier, with collaboration and productivity at an all time high. If your organisation is using Office 365 or Microsoft 365, like millions of businesses across the world, we know you’re feeling the benefits. Increased productivity, reduced costs, … Read more

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