Impression Technologies

Impression Technologies

Impression Technologies develops aluminium hot forming technologies for the automotive industry with clients including Morgan Motor Company and Aston Martin. The Coventry based company is growing quickly and is aiming for global expansion.

Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC said: ‘Being able to provide companies like Impression Technologies with peace of mind is what we aim for.’

Rapid Growth

Impression Technologies started out as a small start up company with their IT being composed solely of Office 365 with no additional security or back up solutions in place. As the company grew to a staff of 20, the current situation was no longer best practice and security was becoming more and more of a concern.

IT Support

Impression Technologies met with ACUTEC to establish an IT infrastructure that was able to cope with the business’ growth. The company decided to invest in IT Support to ensure that its staff has access to the help they need to be able to do what they do best.

ACUTEC’s IT Support aims for a 15 minute response time and guaranteed fix. ACUTEC does not triage as it understands that all businesses are different and if something is critical to one it should not be compared to how critical it is to another.

‘We have peace of mind now. We know we can pick up the phone or send an email and our issues will be fixed.’

With the increasing security fears facing all businesses, Impression Technologies knew that further defence was needed for its data and Intellectual Property. ACUTEC recommended installing a Firewall and ESET anti-virus amongst other security precautions to ensure that the company were taking the adequate steps to protecting their data and finances.

Backup and Microsoft Azure

Before engaging with ACUTEC, Impression Technologies’ only form of back up was the storage capability that came with Microsoft’s Office 365. Concerned that one day they may experience losing data and potentially months of work, the company knew that they needed to adopt best practice and decided to opt for 2 layers of backup. ACUTEC suggested a hybrid Cloud solution, with files being backed up first to a Windows server and then to its recommended Cloud solution: Microsoft Azure.

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform that enables IT infrastructure to be made available in the Cloud. By backing up to Azure, Impression Technologies are now able to retrieve files in a matter of clicks rather than hours.

‘Microsoft Azure is the obvious choice when your IT solutions are based around Microsoft technology. Everything is integrated and in one place.’
Peace of Mind

Impression Technologies are now confident that their data is secure and that they always have ACUTEC to rely on. They are able to recover their data quickly and seamlessly with peace of mind that their business continuity is taken care of.

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