What Should You Get From a Time and Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems are vital for a business to accurately track the hours their employees are working. If staff are paid by the hour, you can be sure they are working the correct number of hours.

But the right time and attendance system should do so much more. Whether you’re looking at holiday bookings, door entry, payroll or more, find out what you should be getting from your time and attendance system.

Time and Attendance Essentials

In and Out Boards

Your time and attendance solution should give you a clear picture of who is in the building at any given time. Staff should clock in and out every day, so you can see if they are doing so at the correct time.

In the event of an emergency, this is vital. You may need to know exactly who is in the building if there’s a fire, for example.

Holiday Booking

Some time and attendance systems will support more HR functions in addition to just clocking in and out. ACUTEC’s application provides a log-in for all staff so that they are able to book their annual leave. When they log in they can see how much holiday allowance they have left. To book holiday, they just choose the dates they want and a request is then sent to their manager to approve or reject.

The system can also hold emergency contact information so it’s easy to access in a hurry. On an employee profile page you can see contact information, working hours and annual leave allowance.

Payroll and Overtime

If you have employees that work in shift patterns, a time and attendance system can also be integrated with payroll and overtime processes to gain accurate data. The system will know exactly how many hours your employee has worked and can then use this information to generate overtime pay. You will no longer have to worry about timesheets being falsified, or employees clocking each other in.


We cover the benefits of a biometric time and attendance system in another article. The idea of using biometrics means greater accuracy, and less likelihood of buddy clocking. Everyone’s biometrics are unique, and almost impossible to share with someone else. This can include fingerprint and facial recognition.

Job Tracking

Some time and attendance systems can log an employee’s time against a specific project or task. This is a valuable tool for businesses that bill clients for the time their employees spend on project work and client tasks.

Time and Attendance System Dashboards

Time and attendance system dashboards should allow data to be configured easily to provide key reports for management, as well as auto reports for fire regulations, health and safety and roll calls.

It is easy to set up rota systems in the ACUTEC Attendance dashboard. Management will be able to set shifts as well as budgets to ensure everything is on track. Employees can also have maximum hour shifts to manage the number of hours worked and to ensure that employees do not exceed allowances.

Arrange your employees’ time the way that you want to, you can incorporate shifts, weekend work and overtime easily to accommodate the needs of your business.

Unhappy with your existing time and attendance solution? Or looking to implement something from scratch? See how ACUTEC Attendance can help you.

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