What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System?

Keeping track of staff and their time can be difficult, especially when sometimes it’s not a primary aspect of your role. Knowing when your staff get to the office and leave is always important in HR when there are problems.

A biometric time and attendance system will record the clocking in and clocking out of your staff during their working day. Your staff will not need ID cards or fobs because the system will take a scan of a fingerprint or their face to identify them.

In this blog, we are going to look at how biometric time and attendance systems work and how they could benefit your organisation.

Biometric Attendance Software

Biometrics are a measurement of a person’s unique physical and behavioural characteristics. Everyone has a unique fingerprint and facial characteristics, making them a secure method of identification. We recommend using them as a form of multi factor authentication – perfect for adding extra online security.

The idea is the same for a biometric time and attendance system. Anybody can give an ID card to a colleague and ask them to scan them in. It is much harder to give someone your biometrics. Have you ever tried to lend someone your fingerprint?!

Biometric attendance systems let you know more accurately who is in the building at any given time – to make sure everyone is working their hours and in case of emergencies.

How Does a Biometric Time and Attendance System Work?

One of the drawbacks of organisations using ID cards and fobs is that they aren’t always reliable. They are easily lost which can cause security issues if your time and attendance system has door entry attached to it. Another issue is that they can easily be used by another person. If a member of staff is going to be late or is not coming in, they can easily ask a colleague to clock in and out for them. If this is happening it can cause HR issues as well as problems for Health and Safety in the event of a fire, for example.

With a biometric clocking system, these issues are removed because an individual’s fingerprint or face cannot (easily) be copied or lost. For your member of staff to clock in, all they need to do is scan their fingerprint or face. If they wish to leave the building, either at the end of the day or at lunch, then they can clock out in the same way.

The data that is recorded is then available in the time and attendance application for managers to be able to review. They will be able to see up to the second when their employees have clocked in and out. In the case of ACUTEC’s time and attendance system, you also have access to a Fireboard that will let you see everyone who is currently in the building. This is useful for roll call if you need to evacuate the building. You can also drill this down to individual teams so you know who’s in if you need to speak to them.

Biometric Clocking Systems For Your Business

If you’re interested in implementing a biometric time and attendance system in your business, then contact ACUTEC today on 01675 469020 or email hello@acutec.co.uk.

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