‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Incident Statement
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Incident Statement

On Friday 12th May 2017 news broke of a ransomware attack named ‘WannaCry’ that was affecting over 150 countries and was particularly damaging to the NHS, as well as over 200,000 known victims. The attack affected versions of the Windows operating system prior Windows 10. There is no known method to decrypt files affected by the WannaCry encryption without paying the ransom which ACUTEC highly discourages.

None of ACUTEC’s clients have been involved in this incident. Our Pro-Active Monitoring and Managed Services ensure that all the patches and checks needed to avoid incidents like WannaCry are in place. During the weekend following the attack, the ACUTEC team worked to ensure that there were no issues. ACUTEC’s clients had already received the security update issued by Microsoft on 14th March 2017 that prevented this issue. Furthermore, any ACUTEC client with a SonicWALL in place as their next-generation Firewall will have been protected since 20th April 2017.

ACUTEC’s advice to the business community and the wider public is to remain vigilant and to take care with their interactions with technology. We advise that you do not open suspicious links or attachments that you may receive in emails. If you have already clicked on a link or attachment that you think may be suspicious we advise that you contact your IT team straight away.

All PCs and servers should be updated to the latest operating systems and software to ensure that any weaknesses in previous versions are mitigated against. Organisations should make sure that they are investing in up-to-date hardware to ensure that they are compatible with the latest patches and operating systems.

ACUTEC also recommends that organisations have next generation Firewalls in place that have deep packet inspection to ensure that your network is protected against internal and external cyber-attacks.

We urge any organisations that are concerned about the WannaCry incident to contact their IT team. ACUTEC are taking all calls from any organisations regarding this incident to help ensure that the appropriate precautions are in place. Please call 01675 469020 if you need our assistance during this time.

Chris Roche

Managing Director