Techie Wows with 15 Years’ Service
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

Techie Wows with 15 Years’ Service

An engineer from a Birmingham based IT Support provider is celebrating 15 years with the award-winning company.

Neil Fletcher, Senior Technical Engineer at ACUTEC, has been a dedicated IT expert at ACUTEC since 2002; installing servers, networks and lots of different technologies over the years. On the day of this very special milestone Neil was presented by Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC, with a surprise presentation in which he was promoted to Technical Director for his years of hard work, loyalty and expertise.

‘The clients absolutely love him,’ commented Chris. ‘They trust him completely, as do I. Neil is always unwaveringly professional and makes sure everything is of the highest standard.’

Neil first met Chris when he was in his first job out of university. He was working in the IT department of a truck rental company and ACUTEC did some work on some of their servers. When a vacancy appeared at ACUTEC, Chris knew immediately who he had to ask.

‘Chris is dedicated to being ahead of the game, he always wants ACUTEC to be on top,’ said Neil. ‘Making sure that we always choose the right solutions for the clients and being able to work with them to do so is always rewarding.’

Since first joining the company 15 years ago, Neil has become a highly-valued member of ACUTEC, seeing the business grow from a team of 6 to 25 as well as many changes over the years as technology has developed.

‘He makes sure it’s always right first time,’ said Chris. ‘I’m proud to have Neil in my team, he’s a world class engineer and member of staff.’