Talk Talk: What We Know
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Talk Talk: What We Know

The news about the Talk Talk hacking scandal does not seem to be dying down.  If you read our blog last week you will know that our Managing Director, Chris Roche is a Talk Talk customer and one of the potential victims of this latest act of cybercrime.

On Friday night, Chris received a third email from Talk Talk detailing the work that they had been doing with the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit as well as other leading cybercrime and security experts.  They stated that while it was still an ongoing investigation they did now know the extent of the data breach.

Talk Talk confirmed that more than 20,000 unique bank account numbers and sort codes had been stolen, along with more than 27,000 obscured credit and debit card details.  In addition to financial details, more than 14,000 dates of birth had been taken and over 1 million email addresses, names and phone numbers.

Talk Talk stated that credit and debit card details cannot be used for financial transactions, yet when all the data is together then you could very easily become compromised.  Email addresses, birthdates and phone numbers can be used in a number of ways against you.  One example of this is that your email address could cause you to be the target of a phishing or spear phishing attack.  Phishing is where you believe you are corresponding with someone you know so that when you are asked to deposit money you agree to it without thinking.

ACUTEC was nearly a victim of such crimes when an email, that appeared to be from Chris, was sent to our Office Manager, Carole, asking her to deposit £5000 to an external account.  Carole, realising that the tone of the email was not right and that the sum seemed odd, phoned Chris to find that he knew nothing about it.  People are not aware of how their information is being used against them.  Over the next few months Talk Talk customers can expect to see many attempts to access their online accounts and finances.

ACUTEC advise that if you are a Talk Talk customer you should follow these steps:

  • Change your password immediately
  • Run a virus scan on all your home devices that access the Internet via Talk Talk
  • Talk Talk is offering a credit monitoring service, take this and be vigilant checking your bank account for the next twelve months
  • If you pay via credit card, request a new one from your provider, explaining that you have been hacked as some credit card details may have been accessed and may have already been sold

However, you need to be aware that everyone is at risk of cybercrime not just Talk Talk customers.   Next time it could be your provider that is hacked, or even yourself, targeted by any number of different threats.  To make sure that you are completely aware of what is waiting out there you should attend our event ‘Threat Management’ on 2nd December at 12:30pm at Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and join us for lunch.  Call 01675 469020 or email to book your place now.  For more information on the event please click here.