Talk Talk: What Happened and What to Do
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Talk Talk: What Happened and What to Do

Last week, Talk Talk the television, telecom, mobile and Internet provider was hit by a cyber attack proving that we are all vulnerable to the crimes of the Internet no matter how sophisticated our security systems may be.

The attack occurred when the website was flooded with traffic, distracting the defence teams and making way for a breach in which customers’ data, including financial details, was stolen. Talk Talk stated that they thought their systems were secure as they could be even though not all data was encrypted. It was then confirmed on Friday that the company had received a ransom demand from someone claiming to be behind the attack, this is indirectly a ransomware attack in which data is taken and offered back for a fee. Dido Harding, Chief Executive of Talk Talk stated to the BBC that: ‘whether it is the US government, Apple, a host of companies, cybercrime is something we all need to get better at defending ourselves against.’ As yet there is no confirmation of the sum asked for or the identities of the perpetrators.

Chris Roche, our Managing Director, is a Talk Talk customer and a possible victim of the attack. He received an email on Friday stating that a police investigation had begun and that some of his data could be involved. Talk Talk provided details of what they were doing to deal with the issue and what Chris could do to remain vigilant to any unusual use of his data in the future, an extract of this you can read below.

On Sunday, Chris was then sent a follow up email of reassurance stating that his credit card details would have been encrypted and that the targeted customer base was smaller than originally thought.  The details of this we have also provided below.

ACUTEC’s advice for immediate action if you are a Talk Talk customer is to:

  • Change your password immediately
  • Run a virus scan on all your home devices that access the Internet via Talk Talk
  • If you are using the Talk Talk password anywhere else change it
  • Consider changing all your other passwords as well, try not to use the same ones everywhere
  • If you can, there are limited places left for TOMORROW MORNING (27/10/2015) for our Ransomware Event, but you need to phone me, Amy Staniszewski on 01675 469020 to book before 11:30am TODAY.
  • Talk Talk is offering a credit monitoring service, take this and be vigilant checking your bank account for the next twelve months
  • If you pay via credit card, request a new one from your provider, explaining that you have been hacked as some credit card details may have been accessed and may have already been sold

Ransomware, and cyber security in general, is becoming an increasing problem as our lives migrate more and more online, if we are vigilant with an understanding of what can happen what to do if it does then these situations should become easier to deal with.