How to Set Up a Skype Webinar
skype webinar setup
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

How to Set Up a Skype Webinar

Skype for Business in Office 365 is a brilliant tool for helping you to communicate easily no matter where you are. A while ago we recommended different ways Skype could benefit your business and one of our favourites is webinars.

Webinars are a great way to connect and communicate with both your current and potential customers. Here’s how to set up a webinar using Skype for Business

Invite People to Your Webinar

There’s no point in setting up a webinar if no one is going to attend. The first step is to promote it. Send an email campaign out, mention it to anyone you might be speaking to and push it out on all of your social channels. Make sure to leave contact details or a registration button on your website so people can tell you they want to attend. You can use tools like Eventbrite to manage registrations. We prefer to do it directly via email so that people know where to go if they need help getting access and it’s automatically put into their diaries so they don’t forget.

Send Invites Out Using the Skype Plugin in Outlook

Setting up the webinar through a Skype meeting is simple. Go to set up an appointment or meeting through your calendar in Outlook and choose the option of Skype Meeting in the toolbar. Once you click this it will add a link to the foot of your email that will provide access to participants. You can just copy and paste this link when you want to send it out to different people or if you want to add it to a button on your website. When you send your first email choose the date and time you want the webinar to be and make sure to put a message before the Skype link.

Prepare Your Content

You need to know exactly what the webinar is about and what you’re going to say. You can prepare PowerPoint slides in Office 365 and present them through Skype. You can also do a demo if you wish to and share your screen. For example, if you’re a marketing agency and are providing a workshop on how to use Tweetdeck for small businesses then you would be able to share the screen and give a walkthrough.

Send Out Reminders

This is critical. By sending out the invites via email you are making sure that the invite is going in attendee’s calendars but at the same time they will need a gentle nudge to keep it in their minds and remind them why they wanted to attend. Send a reminder out the day before or on the morning of the webinar and make sure you provide the access link again just in case they have misplaced the original email.

Hold the Webinar

Make sure you and whoever is presenting the webinar is ready to go at least 15 minutes before it is due to start. Keep relaying messages to your attendees through the screen or audio (muting yourself in between!) to let them know you are there and when you will begin the webinar. Make sure that all of your attendees are muted during the webinar so that there are no disruptions. If you want the session to be available afterwards make sure you hit record!

If you’re interested in using Skype for Business to provide webinars or are just in need of general IT support please get in touch.