How Skype Can Benefit Your Business
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Last Updated on 24th January 2022

How Skype Can Benefit Your Business

Skype for Business and Skype for Broadcast are some of the great features that can (dependent upon package) come with Office 365. You may be thinking that it is something that your business just doesn’t need. You don’t need to video chat or broadcast live video to up to 10,000 people but it might just be that you haven’t been creative with the possibilities. Below are five way Skype can benefit your business.


If you’re trying to engage more with your customers or potential customers then one of the ways you could do this is through webinars. If you have an interesting topic to talk about or some form of learning that you can give then this is an ideal platform to reach out with. It can help put you out there as a voice of authority and give you a little bit of exposure.

Live Performances and Conferences

If you’re an arts organisation this might be ideal for you. Skype for Broadcast could enable you to get your performances out to a wider audience each night without the limits of your environment. Shakespeare did say that all the world’s a stage.  Broadcasts are also great for conferences so that you can reach a larger audience.

International Meetings

Skype removes the problems of travel. Is it essential that you have a meeting on Monday but one of your colleagues is in America and another is in China? That’s not a problem with Skype, you can have a meeting as scheduled without having to worry about where you are.

Large Organisations

Sometimes an email doesn’t quite cut it and you want to speak directly to your organisation as a whole. If you are part of a large organisation this can be an issue with scheduling and venues, with Skype you can broadcast that message to the whole of your organisation live without any issues. You can even record it for those that were busy.


Video content is becoming more of a learning tool all of the time. Sometimes this is better if it is live so that participants are able to ask questions and gain further understanding. Through using the Skype video functionality and the instant messaging features it would provide a more interactive learning experience for training your staff.