3 Signs Your Small Business Needs IT Support

When you’re running a small business, budgeting for IT support might seem like an unnecessary cost. You may think you can’t afford to invest in professional IT support, but with so much of modern business depending on IT infrastructure, can you really afford not to?

With internal communication, data analysis, and cloud services at the heart of your business, smooth running IT is essential, while having IT support you can trust is worth its weight in gold.

So, is it time your small business partnered with an IT support provider? If you recognise any of these three signs, we think it is.

Sign #1: You’ve suffered a security breach more than once

Cyber-attacks are an unfortunate part of life for modern businesses. In fact, the majority of businesses in the UK have experienced some form of attack at least once in the past year.

However, for 17 percent of UK business owners security breaches are a monthly occurrence, with a very unlucky 5 percent suffering cyber-attacks on a daily basis.

Security breaches impact your business in a multitude of ways. Not only are they expensive to fix, but they slow down staff productivity and can cause reputational damage.

If you have suffered numerous security breaches, the time has come to invest in IT support.

A good IT support provider will offer you:

  • Advanced threat protection
  • An effective disaster recovery plan
  • Expert advice on data recovery, protection and compliance

While security breaches happen to the best of us, by partnering with an experienced IT support provider you can rest easy knowing your hard work is protected.

Sign #2: You’re growing

Growth is an exciting time for a small business. However, without the right IT support, branching out into a new office can soon turn into a nightmare.

Opening a new office space can be a complex operation. You need IT infrastructure to support it, including networks, data centres and the power to run them. There is plenty to think about, much of which may be beyond your staff’s ability.

When you invest in quality IT support, growth is a time of celebration, not dread. With years of experience and dozens of happy customers, supporting the IT of expanding businesses is what Acutec does best. We sort the tough stuff, so you don’t have to.

Sign #3: You’ve experienced system downtime more than once this month

Having an unreliable IT infrastructure in a small business is a recipe for disaster. Not only is unplanned downtime frustrating, but the longer your staff are trouble-shooting their computers, the more of your money is circling the drain.

In fact, small UK businesses are losing an average of £5600 for every hour of downtime.

When you partner with a reputable IT support provider, they will lay down security solutions that will prevent and protect against these disruptions. Ultimately, this will keep your business running smoothly.

Trust the experts

Whether your small business is growing, and your staff’s IT skills can’t keep up, or you’re looking to modernise, but your operating system is nearly old enough to vote, there are plenty of reasons to partner with an IT support provider.

At ACUTEC, we offer exceptional IT support for a range of different industries. We build our IT around your company, giving you a bespoke service, perfectly suited for your unique business needs. To find out what we could do for you, give us a call today.

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