How outsourcing your IT support and services will benefit your business

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Digital technology is increasingly important for almost all businesses. There’s a lot of pressure on many companies not just to use IT, but also to provide good internal IT support and services. Many businesses choose to do this by outsourcing IT support.

Why Outsource IT Support?

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing IT support and services.

High level of IT expertise

One reason many companies outsource—especially small to medium organisations—is that by doing so they can gain a higher level of IT expertise than they’d otherwise be able to. Smaller organisations are often unable to attract IT experts with the level of skill they need. Outsourcing allows these companies to access that level of skill.

Another issue is that a company’s needs in terms of IT support are rarely consistent from day to day. One day there might be a high work flow, the next, there might not. For many smaller organisations, there may not be enough consistent work to justify having IT support in-house. So again, the size of the organisation makes it harder to attract and retain IT workers. Outsourcing can solve this problem, too.

Many companies face a lack of expertise in their local area. Outsourcing gives you a much wider pool of talent to choose from, because you’re not limited to local applicants. You can look much further afield, since outsourcing means you can work with an IT company from a different city or even a different country.

Reduced IT costs

According to one survey, 69% of UK companies outsource as a means of reducing costs. It’s not hard to see why. Outsourcing can save a lot of money, and not just in terms of wages. Companies that outsource their IT can save because:

  • Not hiring dedicated IT staff means not having to pay for expensive training, or for employee benefits.
  • Outsourcing means you can hire on a per-project basis, so you pay only for work completed. Your company doesn’t have to be tied into a long-term contact that might become less cost-effective in the future.
  • You don’t have to pay for hardware, equipment, and storage. And for your money, you’ll typically get better quality than you’d be able to afford by keeping IT in-house. This is an immensely important consideration, given the speed at which new tech is developed. Few organisations can keep up with the rapid pace of advancement, but outsourcing means it’s up to the IT company to keep up

Keeps resources focused

Outsourcing IT gives you another advantage, one that’s often just as important as the possibility of saving money. When you don’t have to use resources on keeping up with in-house IT, you’re free to use those resources elsewhere. Smaller companies with in-house IT often end up in situations where more tech-savvy staff members end up spending part of their work day on IT matters, instead of performing their core role. Outsourcing IT ensures that all staff are focused on their core roles and doing the jobs they were hired for.

Improved productivity

One indirect and often-overlooked benefit is that a small in-house IT team just can’t achieve what a dedicated IT company can, in terms of providing value-added services. Outsourcing often means the ability to access additional services that make the company more productive. For instance, outsourcing IT means the potential to access tools and services that help employees work remotely, or that make sensitive company data more secure.

Lowered risk

In-house IT is often reactive rather than proactive. It’s about addressing problems as they arise. In contrast, an outsourcing team can monitor your IT network round-the-clock to prevent problems even before they happen. This means there’s less risk of issues that might affect productivity. And, outsourcing IT support ensures you’ve got a skilled team working on IT problems when they do occur, no matter when they occur.

Why It’s Best to Outsource to a Microsoft Gold Partner

When you decide to outsource your IT support, there are a variety of possibilities. A single Google search will present you with an exhaustive list of options. How do you go about choosing the right one, when there are so many options?

One way to quickly cut separate the wheat from the chaff is to search only for Microsoft Gold Partners. This instantly achieves two things: you eliminate a large number of choices, which makes it easier to investigate your options. But most importantly, choosing from Microsoft Gold Partners means you’re looking at companies that are recognised for having high standards in the work they do.

Microsoft Gold Partners have been vetted by Microsoft to ensure they’re operating at a high standard of excellence. To achieve gold partnership status, Microsoft partners must have customer references that verify their high standards, have certified Microsoft professionals on-staff, and undergo several assessments.

Once they’re vetted, Gold Partners have access to a number of benefits: they have exclusive access to Microsoft tools and utilities, receive continuous online tech support, and can participate in Microsoft training programs and tutorials. This means Microsoft Gold Partners have better access to tools, techniques, and training that helps them deliver better services to clients.

If you’re interested in the services of a Microsoft Gold Partner, get in touch with ACUTEC today!

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