Using service management software in your water treatment business
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Last Updated on 26th January 2022

Using service management software in your water treatment business

The reliance on technology and software for business operations is only ever going to increase. Companies are moving away from the chaos of paper based systems to be able to access everything that they need from one central place that is easily accessible for everyone in the business. In the water treatment industry, you need to keep a record of multiple different things about your clients. You need to be aware of scheduled visits, sites, locations, test results, non-compliances and more. If you were to manage your clients and their needs through a paper based system it could all get very confusing and very easy to miss something.

To maintain a high level of service, it is becoming increasingly valuable to have technology to automate and organise the process. If you are using a generic software package you will probably have to change your processes and not log some aspects of your services to be able to work with the system. If you are using a service management system that has been designed for your industry then you will have more features in place that correspond with what your organisation needs. As we have developed our own software for the water treatment industry, we thought we would discuss the different aspects of this kind of system and how it can help you.

Designed specifically for you

The first benefit of a service management system specific to the water treatment industry is that it has been designed specifically with your industry in mind. Our own software, H2O Control, was developed originally for a water treatment business and they worked with us to design and cater it for their needs. Service management software systems that have been developed for the water treatment industry will understand the processes that you have to go through in your business and the kind of data that you need to record and have easy access to. For example, in H2O Control you can see all the Legionella test results for a specific client and a reschedule visits for any non-conformant tests.

Improved accountability and productivity

As previously mentioned, with an industry specific service management system in place you can have features designed for what you need. Software like H2O Control will have the ability to schedule your engineers for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPMs) visits, making sure that no client is missed. You will be able to set it so tests are recurring to ensure that no mandatory test for your client is missed, ensuring great customer service.

Mobile Application

With some service management systems, you will be able to have an application available for your engineers when they are on-site. The app will be able to tell an engineer what tests they need to carry out each day and the specific locations and assets. In the H2O Control app, engineers are immediately notified that test results are non-compliant and must input mandatory notes. The data is then uploaded to the administration portal which can then schedule another visit.

Visual reporting with dashboards

The data that is held in your service management system can be manipulated for analysis and insight by providing you with dashboards. You will be able to easily see the number of overdue PPM visits, non-conformity visits and information regarding your clients and contracts.

Easy Customer Relationship Management

Service management software can also double as a CRM for your business. You will be able to easily access all your client data as well as industry specific information such as test documents, scheduled visits, photographs and engineer notes.


Every business needs to consider the software that it invests in for its operations. By choosing a software application that has been designed specifically for your industry you are able to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity because your system has been designed for your operations rather than the other way around.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on service management in the water treatment industry. If you would like to know more, say hello today and call 01675 469020 or email