Roofing Merchant in Safe Hands with ACUTEC
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Last Updated on 26th January 2022

Roofing Merchant in Safe Hands with ACUTEC

A Midlands based roofing supplier has been working with Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC to ensure business continuity and a reliable IT environment for their well-established business.

Moore’s Roofing Supplies is one of the largest independent roofing distributors in the West Midlands, suppling to both domestic and corporate markets. The business has been in operation since 1989 and acquired its sister company, Burton Roofing, back in 2007. With the increasing growth of both businesses, the team knew that it needed to invest in IT services to reduce the impact of down-time and ensure it could respond to customer demand.

‘Working with ACUTEC has made us more efficient,’ said Paul Goodger, Financial Director at Moore’s Roofing Supplies and Burton Roofing. ‘It’s made the communication between the two businesses a lot smoother. I think because ACUTEC don’t just do one thing for us, they do everything, it just works and makes it easier.’

The two companies worked together to create an IT environment that fitted the business’ operations. Refreshing the roofing merchant’s IT infrastructure, ACUTEC installed a new server that was accessible from both sites and ensured security precautions were in place. In addition to the new hardware, ACUTEC established a long-standing partnership with Moore’s Roofing Supplies that has ensured that the company is confident that they have the support in place if an IT issue was to affect operations. When Moore’s Roofing Supplies have experienced disruption, all they have had to do is phone ACUTEC and know that everything will be taken care of.

‘Our long-standing relationship with Moore’s Roofing Supplies enables us to be able to deliver the whole package,’ said Simon Gee, Business Development Manager at ACUTEC. ‘It’s only with time and trust that you can build this kind of partnership. We take the time to understand how the business operates to ensure we can provide a service that is truly valued.’

The team at Moore’s Roofing Supplies are now confident that when it comes to their IT they have a support service in place that they can rely on. Whether it’s fixing problems, providing consultancy or just offering advice, Moore’s Roofing Supplies know that they can count on ACUTEC.