IT Expert Proves You Can Streamline Your IT This January
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

IT Expert Proves You Can Streamline Your IT This January

In the wake of the New Year the owner of a Midlands based IT company has offered advice to small and medium sized businesses on how they can streamline their IT this January.

‘IT is integral to the working day of every business,’ said Chris Roche, Managing Director of Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC. ‘Being able to achieve more every day, reduce expenditure and ensure that your organisation is always in motion are essentials that your IT must provide to you.’

Roche, who established his award-winning IT Consultancy in 1995, suggests 6 steps businesses can take to take advantage of the possibilities of IT and achieve more in 2017.

1. Infrastructure in the Cloud

Roche states that investing capital expenditure in hardware is no longer cost-effective for businesses.  Instead of having to replace servers and hardware every 5 years as they age, the hardware can be rented from a vendor like Microsoft and accessed from the Cloud through a service like Microsoft Azure. Payment is monthly for the service and everything is always up to date. Businesses also no longer should worry about powering, heating and cooling the servers themselves and it’s much more secure.

2. Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Considering IT in Business Continuity Plans is essential to businesses. A Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution could solve many issues. Instead of having to invest significant money in new hardware at one time, a Cloud solution would enable significant savings over a period of years. Roche revealed that an ACUTEC client had saved approximately £1000 on their insurance premium through choosing this cutting-edge technology.

3. End User Education

Businesses often invest in cyber security to ensure that they have the best protection in place. The investment can be a waste of time if staff are not ready to defend the business as well. In the worst-case scenario, a cyber-attack can still get through an organisation’s defences and reach the people. Roche advised: ‘You should make sure that your staff know what a phishing email looks like and make sure they know what to do in a cyber-attack. Phishing simulation training exercises are a great way of doing this.’

4. Technology Roadmap

Every business has objectives that they want to be able to achieve and every business should ensure that their IT aligns to these goals and the overall strategy. A Technology Roadmap examines every aspect of the business and the plans for the next three years to make sure that the correct technologies are in place.

5. Software in the Cloud

Cloud Services are cost-effective alternatives for businesses investing in software. Office 365 allows the Microsoft Office Suite and more to always be up to date for a small monthly fee per user. Instead of having to invest capital expenditure every few years in updating software, it can become an operational expense. If a business is already using Office 365 it should consider whether it is using it to its full potential.

6. IT Support

If a business’ IT systems go down, then the business halts to a standstill. Ensuring that high quality IT Support is in place is essential to ensuring that a business does not experience any operational issues.

ACUTEC offer regular webinars and information sessions to guide businesses through their technology business decisions. ‘At ACUTEC we are dedicated to ensuring businesses have the technology to reach their operational needs,’ Roche said. ‘Flexibility and productivity are essential in the modern workplace. ACUTEC’s 6 steps to streamlining your IT are highly recommended in improving your IT infrastructure.’