Domain Names: More Important Than You Think
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Domain Names: More Important Than You Think

Domain names are one of the most important aspects of your business’s website and they are often something that is overlooked, especially when it comes to keeping them.  You’ll get an email reminding you to renew your domain and something at that time will have gone wrong.  An important invoice may have been misplaced, a co-worker may want a quick word or you may already have a million emails to deal with and it slips through the net as you think to yourself: ‘I’ll sort that out later.’  Let’s face it, it doesn’t get sorted out.  This is when you will have a problem.

Eventually that domain name will expire and it will no longer be your property.  Anyone who visits your page will be told that the domain name has expired.  If your business operates solely or the majority of the time online then you need to be aware that it will take a few days to get it back and in the meantime you will have lost business and revenue from one tiny oversight.  If you can get it back at all.  Sometimes ‘cybersquatting’ or ‘domain squatting’ can occur where an individual buys your domain name after you lose it in the hope of selling it back to you with an inflated price.

You need to know that it happens to the best of us.  Even Google.  Last week it was discovered that Sanmay Ved had purchased the domain name for £8 when he found that it was available to buy.  When Google found out what had happened they gave Mr Ved an undisclosed cash reward for uncovering the error and then doubled it when he donated it to charity.  Luckily for Google, Mr Ved was a former employee of the company and informed their security team straightaway.

Renewing your domain name is a very simple thing and because it is so simple it’s very easily forgotten.  It is essential to make sure that the basics of having a website are maintained because without them major problems can occur.  If you think a little bit of code going wrong is a problem then imagine what happens when your whole website is no longer published on the Internet.

So be aware in the future, that little email is not something to be forgotten, overlooked or considered spam.  It is essential to your business and without it your online presence will completely disappear.