Digbits and ACUTEC Celebrate Over 10 Years of Partnership
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

Digbits and ACUTEC Celebrate Over 10 Years of Partnership

Digbits, the Rugeley based manufacturer of digger parts and attachments is celebrating over 10 years of partnership with local IT Support company ACUTEC.

‘Being able to work with clients like Digbits is what we thrive on,’ said ACUTEC’s Business Development Manager, Simon Gee. ‘Creating a partnership in which we can offer advice and support and help them achieve more every day is what our business is all about.’

The digger bucket and rubber track specialist began working with ACUTEC 10 years ago to provide IT Support services and create an IT environment that lets the business get on and do what it does best without interruption. In 2014, the two companies strengthened their relationship further by working together to develop a bespoke CRM for Digbits to replace their paper based system. ‘It was chaos before the CRM,’ said Marcus Clay, Managing Director of Digbits. ‘ACUTEC understood what we did so it was easy for us to work with them on our issue.’

The CRM allows Digbits to keep a complete record of customer relationships and see the history of an order from the customer’s first contact through to quoting and then payment and shipping. It has become the centre of all activity at the company and heavily relied on. The solution is completely tailored to what the company needs in a way that an off-the-shelf package never could be.

Two years later the companies began to work to further develop the software to enable the CRM to integrate with their e-commerce website, creating automation and avoiding hours of unneeded manual administration. ‘Quite a number of things have been flexed with the specification that I don’t think we would have been able to do with an off-the-shelf package,’ Marcus commented.

‘I think it’s been a brilliant decade of working together,’ said Simon. ‘There’s a true understanding between the two companies that has created a really valued partnership. Let’s hope that there will be another ten.’