IT Company Opens First Cloud Immersion Experience in the Midlands

cloud immersion experience
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Last Updated on 24th June 2019

A local IT company has opened the first Cloud immersion experience in the Midlands. The ‘Cloud Studio’ is an opportunity for organisations to get their hands on the latest technology and see mobile working in action with experts on hand.

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC saw a gap in the Cloud migration process for businesses and felt the need to overcome it. Chris Roche, Managing Director said: ‘You want to be able to see what the fuss is about when you’re making an investment in innovative technology. You want to be able to experience how the technology will transform your business and that’s what we set out to do with the Cloud Studio.’

The Cloud Studio echoes the likes of similar experiences provided by Microsoft and other technology companies. Visitors can witness the power of the Cloud and the impact that it can have on the working day.

Amy Staniszewski, Marketing Executive at ACUTEC commented: ‘The fact that we can be the first in the Midlands to provide this opportunity is brilliant. Being able to get hands on with technology is so important. You’re able to really see how you could achieve more every day using the tools that are available to you.’

The immersion experience gives visitors the chance to interact with the latest technology and see mobile working in action. With ACUTEC’s experts’ guidance, organisations can see how they will be able to achieve increased productivity and flexibility from services like Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

ACUTEC are delighted to have already welcomed their first visitors to the Cloud Studio. If you wish to book a session and experience the Cloud email or call 01675 469020 today.