Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams
microsoft teams benefits
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Last Updated on 20th April 2021

Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams

This article is Part 1 in our Microsoft Teams series.

Office 365 is our Cloud solution to bring mobility and productivity to your business. Office 365 comes with an array of new different services that we have talked about before such as: Skype for BusinessMicrosoft FlowYammer and OneNote. The one we haven’t discussed before in our blogs is the new addition to the family: Microsoft Teams. Teams is a collaborative tool that will allow your staff to interact in a chat based workspace perfect for the modern way of working. Teams brings together your people, their conversations and their content for a more productive way of working. Here are some of our favourite Microsoft Teams benefits, and hoe they can help your business.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

1. Chat

The bread and butter of Teams is the chat functionality. The app lets you have threaded conversations so everything is recorded in one, easy to find place. There’s no more digging through your inbox looking for emails or even the bombardment of emails as group conversations take place. Your conversations can take place as a team discussion or you can chat privately. There is also the ability to integrate Skype to have audio and video conversations.

2. Integration with Office Applications

Everything is brought together for a seamless working experience. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Planner, SharePoint and more are all integrated with Teams.  If you’re all reviewing a Word document at once you can have the document sitting in the chat as you talk.

3. Customisable Workspace

Every team is different and Microsoft Teams understands that. Teams is customisable, you can even integrate with third parties. For example, the marketing team would be able to receive updates from Twitter which would be just as important to them as updates from your Managing Director.

4. Communicate in Real Time

This is kind of obvious with chat based software but it’s a benefit on its own. Being able to chat in real time rather than bouncing emails back and forth, that could take hours to be replied to, could kill productivity. Work that is planned to be done within the next hour might get pushed back because an email hasn’t been answered, while instant messaging allows an ease and fluidity that enables productivity to thrive.

5. Everyone is on the Same Page

You send an email to everyone giving them update. They reply to you but not to all. Then someone else replies to you. Suddenly the conversation is splitting out into seven separate conversations with everyone’s ideas being directed at one person when it should be a group discussion. With Teams this doesn’t happen. Everyone knows what the status of the discussion is, keeping the productivity flowing.

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