How to Use OneNote

If you haven’t already started using OneNote, the note taking application that comes with Microsoft 365 then we really recommend it. It has a lot of little functions to make life easier. Here’s our five tips to get you started. We’ll be using the desktop application for Windows 10 to demonstrate.


The standard view with OneNote is a blank white page that can seem a little bland and uninviting to some people and it can be easily changed if you wish. All you have to do is go into the View tab and select Rule Lines. Here you can give the page grid lines or squares. And if you’d like to change the colour of the page, you can! To the left select Page Color and select your colour of choice. You can also have no distractions here by choosing full page view or keeping your notes open while you browse the web with Dock to Desktop.


If you would rather concentrate on your meeting than making notes, OneNote also has the ability to record audio, so you’re always able to know exactly what was said however much you get caught up in the conversation. Just go into the Insert tab and choose audio.


You no longer have to bring up a calculator app when in meetings because you can do calculations directly from OneNote. Just type in the equation, press equals (=) and then hit the space bar and it will be worked out for you.

Share Your Notes

If your colleague needs to know what occurred in the meeting but doesn’t have OneNote this isn’t a problem. At the end of the Home tab there is the function to share via email, automatically embedding your notes into the email client. Microsoft removed the functionality to share individual notes, so you can share an entire notebook directly with people in your organisation, or send a frozen in time copy of an individual page. Recipients will not be able to edit these notes. For this, we’d recommend creating a notebook to share, keeping notes you don’t want to share private.

Drag and Drop Files

Have you been sent some slides from a presentation that you would like to keep with your notes from the day? It’s easy to drop and drop these files straight into the note so they’re easily accessible. Just drag them in and choose the option to attach file.

We love OneNote and it’s definitely one of our favourite apps in the Office suite. If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks in OneNote, get in touch with us today.

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