Become a ‘Superconnected’ Business
superconnected business
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Become a ‘Superconnected’ Business

In a government scheme to ensure progress within technology for the UK, businesses in a number of cities nationwide have the option to apply for a government grant of £3000 to cover costs of installing faster and better Broadband.  Here in the Midlands, cities such as Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Wolverhampton are eligible for the grants in the form of vouchers to improve the Broadband in their businesses.

ACUTEC’s own postcode here in Coleshill is one of the many eligible for the scheme along with many other postcodes we have tested in the stated cities.  You can test your business’s postcode at and apply for your voucher if you are eligible.  The voucher can provide either fibre optic, cable or wireless broadband as well as other options allowing for businesses to be only paying for VAT and the standard monthly charges of their Broadband service.  As well as your postcode, your business is eligible if it is a SME, registered charity, social enterprise or sole trader and if installation of your Broadband will cost over £100 as well as other requirements.

This scheme to create ‘superconnected’ cities is being rolled out in the hope of improving businesses overall.  The faster and better Broadband is believed to increase both productivity and customer service as well as reduce the costs of software and hardware by providing easier access to data storage and online applications.  The upgrades will enhance communication by allowing for video calls and sharing via cloud services.

The Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Sajid Javid stated: ‘we want to make sure that small businesses have the help and support they need to grow and prosper in our digital age. That is why we are providing these grants to help small businesses meet their challenges.’  Without access to a fast and reliable Broadband connection businesses will be left behind as they are unable to keep up with the ever evolving technology that is becoming more and more relied upon.  Businesses that feel that they cannot afford to invest in superfast Broadband have much to gain if they apply for this government grant.