Be Aware of Ransomware
ransomware awareness
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Be Aware of Ransomware

Ransomware is something that is becoming an increasing problem within the IT systems of businesses and you’re probably going to ignore what is said about it in this blog.  It’s okay, we forgive you, but just remember we did warn you about ransomware and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Ransomware, if you didn’t already know, is when someone steals data from your computer, encrypts it and asks for payment in return for you getting it back, often threatening to destroy the data the longer the period of time it is that they have to wait for your money.  You then end up having to pay for the system to be restored or meet the ransom, giving the person access to your credit card as well as your data.  After all of this you still may not have your data back, leaving your business unable to operate and causing you to lose even more money.

It’s also not just ransomware you have to be aware of but all different types of malware.  A malware called Dridex has been in the news recently.  This malware is estimated to have stolen £20 million from bank accounts across the country, even targeting global institutions.  The virus attacks through the infection of emails sent to specific targets.  The emails appear seemingly harmless yet they infect your computer and then pass it on further through your email account to friends and family.

These kinds of security issues within your IT system are disasters that you need to plan for.  Remember, we did warn you.  You may not ever experience a tornado or a hurricane, but the likelihood is that you will have an IT disaster, and it is believed that 90% of businesses fail within two years of having one.

There are, however, ways to protect yourself and one of the ways that ACUTEC provide this is through StorageCraft.  StorageCraft provide a number of different solutions to prepare for data loss.  They advise that one of the most important parts of preparing for disaster is planning ahead.  A business needs to ensure they know which data is the most essential and which needs to be accessible immediately.  This means that not only will less time be spent on backup during a disaster but also on the maintenance of data at the same time.

For more information on how to protect yourself from such security risks then you should attend our event ‘The Truth about Ransomware’ on 27th October 2015 for a breakfast briefing at 8am.  For more information and to book your place please click here.

Remember, we did warn you.