Apple Pencil: A Review
apple pencil review
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

Apple Pencil: A Review

We have recently got our hands on an Apple Pencil to play with and to see how it works.

One of the downsides of this tool is that you need to have an iPad Pro so if you want to use the functionality you may need to invest in a new iPad. However, despite needing a specific tablet to use the tool we love the Apple Pencil! We have compiled our 5 favourite things about using this accessory.

Easy to Use

The Apple Pencil is so easy to use. To connect it for the first time you just plug it into your iPad Pro and after a few seconds a ‘pair’ button will appear. Once you press the button the Pencil will remain paired until you restart your iPad or connect it to a different iPad Pro. Once you have paired the accessory you are free to use it with a variety of different apps. You can use it with Notes that comes with the iPad or apps specific to what you want to use it for, we recommend Procreate if you want to draw.


Drawing with the Apple Pencil feels effortless because the line you make is where you want it to be – not 2 millimetres to the left. The Pencil’s accuracy ensures that there is a lack of frustration that you would not normally find with styluses.


Drawing and writing with the Apple Pencil just feels natural. We have used other styluses in the past that have been a lot thicker or with a rubber nib. They never seem to promote extended use; you always use them a few times and then would rather go back to the old-fashioned finger with your touch screen. The Apple Pencil is not like that. It’s been weighted in a certain way so it is like holding a pen and therefore you feel naturally more inclined to use it because it doesn’t feel alien when you hold it. The nib is also shaped to be like an actual pencil and you don’t feel the need to use a lot of pressure to get it to work.

Works with OneNote

We cannot say enough how much we love using OneNote. The great thing about the Apple Pencil is that it works brilliantly with Microsoft products like Office 365. Just download the OneNote app on to your iPad and it becomes so easy to make legible notes that you will be able to understand by the end of the meeting.


Charging the Apple Pencil is so simple. The accessory comes with an adaptor so you can just plug the pencil into your Apple Lightning charger when you’re at home. If you’re out and about and it runs out of power, you can also plug it into the bottom of your iPad and you will get 30 minutes of usage in 15 seconds.