Over 20 Years of Partnership for Additives UK and ACUTEC
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

Over 20 Years of Partnership for Additives UK and ACUTEC

Additives UK, the Coventry based division of global brand ITW, is celebrating over 20 years of partnership with local IT Support company ACUTEC.

‘Being able to establish a long-standing relationship with a client like Additives UK is one of the best things about working for ACUTEC,’ said Business Development Manager, Simon Gee. ‘We get to see the services and solutions we put in place make a real impact over time and help to grow their business.’

Additives UK supplies treatments for contamination removal and offers customer loyalty and industry standard programmes for the automotive aftermarket. The company first began working with ACUTEC back in 1994, realising it needed support for its technology to ensure that it had the experts it needed on hand to provide assistance and advice.

‘The IT is looked after for us,’ said Jagir Bains, Financial Controller at Additives UK. ‘If we have any issues then we get an email telling us before we even notice. It’s a completely pro-active service and that’s what I need.’

The company benefits from a completely Managed IT Service from ACUTEC. Everything is dealt with to ensure that they do not need to ever worry about their IT. ACUTEC are always on hand, delivering administration and dealing with everything to do with IT. They even deal with other partners such as Broadband and telecoms to ensure that everything is always taken care of.

The two companies have worked together to create an IT environment that is reliable and benefits the business’ operations. There is a clear structure in place to ensure the correct solutions are deployed so that Additives UK can operate without disruption. ‘We hardly ever have any downtime, we haven’t had any at all in the past 12 months,’ Jagir commented.

‘It’s brilliant to think that we have been working with Additives UK for over two decades,’ said Simon. ‘The companies have really grown alongside one another. I would like to think that we have built a partnership on trust and a service that is really valued.’