IT Experts Remove Barriers to Exporting
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

IT Experts Remove Barriers to Exporting

Midlands based IT experts joined the Department of International Trade for their ‘Kick Start Your Exporting Success’ events across the South East of the UK. Urfaan Azhar and Simon Gee from IT Company ACUTEC attended the events on behalf of Microsoft to discuss the opportunities that Cloud technologies could bring to businesses wishing to export.

Urfaan said: ‘By using the Cloud, businesses are able to use the same technologies as major corporations.  Businesses like British Airways and Heinz use Office 365 in the same way that ACUTEC’s SME clients do. The only limit for businesses now is their imagination.’

The Department of International Trade’s ‘Kick Start Your Exporting Success’ events are catered to providing businesses with support when beginning to export their products or services. Seminars at the events provided delegates with the opportunity to gain insight into agreements, marketing and technology.

During the events Urfaan and Simon provided workshops on the Cloud and how it can transform a user’s working day. ACUTEC, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, understand exactly how the Cloud can benefit small businesses and help them to grow. Focussing on the productivity and flexibility that products like Office 365 and SharePoint can offer to businesses, they discussed collaborative working and file storage. Exporters can take advantage of the Cloud by being able to work together from across the world, editing documents at the same time and having video meetings.

‘The accessibility that the Cloud can offer to small businesses is brilliant. Being able to access my documents from my phone, my iPad and my Surface Pro is just fantastic,’ Simon said. ‘Everything syncs so I can go from one device to the other without even having to think about it. Everyone needs that kind of flexibility when we are all so busy and always out of the office. The potential for small businesses now is limitless.’