ACUTEC Offers the Whole Package
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Last Updated on 26th January 2022

ACUTEC Offers the Whole Package

Safeway Scaffolding, a long-standing scaffolding services company based in the Midlands, has been working with IT partner ACUTEC for over 20 years to establish technology solutions to build a complete IT environment that aids the company in its operations.

‘I think the key issue is that we have people we can trust,’ Jim Grant, Director of Health and Safety at Safeway Scaffolding commented. ‘We can phone them up and get an answer over the phone or they can do the super IT thing and take over your computer while you’re sitting at your desk.’

As well as providing IT Support, ACUTEC has worked with Safeway Scaffolding to build bespoke solutions that meet its business needs. The two companies have worked together to create a bespoke software package for the scaffolding industry. The software was created by ACUTEC’s Software Development team to establish a central place of record for everything that Safeway Scaffolding does. Every project that the company works on is assigned a unique reference number that is linked to all the documentation that could be needed such as quotations, photographs and external supplier information.

Simon Gee, Business Development Manager at ACUTEC commented: ‘The software has been created specifically for Safeway Scaffolding’s needs and has been developed over time as the company has grown and different needs have arisen. They would not have been able to achieve such flexibility with an off-the-shelf package.’

When asked about the impact that working with ACUTEC has had on the business, Jim said: ‘‘I think it’s made us smarter. It’s made us more confident in the backup systems so that we don’t lose information.’

ACUTEC works with its clients to create technology environments that align with business needs and streamline operations. By being able to offer the whole package of software development and technical support ACUTEC are able to offer a service that makes a different for its clients.