7 Tech Gifts for Christmas
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

7 Tech Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and at ACUTEC we love a good piece of technology under the tree. Here are our 7 tech gifts for this Christmas.

Fitbit Alta

The Alta is the latest Fitbit activity tracker and our first tech gift. It is the first of the brand’s attempts to appeal to fashion as well as utility, with a variety of different leather and stainless steel alternative bands available. It measures step count and sleep and will link to your phone for message alerts. It also comes with reminders to move to make sure you get as much activity into your day as possible.


Our second tech gift is the Tile which is perfect for anyone who is known to lose things. It’s a small Bluetooth accessory that you can attach to something like your keys. You can then track the Tile from your phone. If your Tile is within a 100 metre Bluetooth range it will also ring to help you find it. It even works the other way around, if you can’t find your phone your Tile can make the phone ring.

Fujifilm Instax Share

There is a trend at the minute for polaroid photos. Fujifilm’s Instax camera produces these and sometimes you don’t want to be carrying a camera around. Fujifilm’s Instax Share overcomes this by allowing you to print photos from your phone as an Instax shot.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

Everyone loves a pair of good quality headphones. Bose’s QuietComfort headphones are wireless and noise cancelling. The headphones monitor the outside noise and then reacts by adjusting so that you always have the perfect sound.


Microsoft’s SurfaceBook is the laptop that can turn into a tablet. It comes with a Surface Pen and the screen flips dependent on what you are doing. It’s made for a completely flexible working environment.

Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple’s latest Macbook Pro has a new addition with its Touch Bar. The Touch Bar changes dependent upon the task you are doing, for example you can access your photo library from the Touch Bar. The new Macbook Pro also comes with TouchID.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Our final tech gift is the new Xbox One. The Xbox One S comes with 4K Blu-ray, video streaming and HDR. The power supply is now built into the box and it comes with greater performance. The new Xbox is also capable of upscaling games to 4K.